September 27, 2012

3-D Letter Sign

A while back I pinned THIS picture (shown below).  I loved the concept of the letters matching the wall, but still being visible.  I knew I wanted to do something similiar somewhere.

I decided to make a "Be Kind" sign for our mudroom.  It's something I've been working on with the boys and I thought it'd be a great reminder when we come and go.  (No, they don't read, but they watched me make the sign and they both know what it says :)

He's what I came up with.

I purchased the letters at Hobby Lobby.  The little ones were $1.50 and the big were $3.50, but they were all 50% off.  So, I spent $6.50 for all of them.  I also got the frame there at 50% off, so it was $15.

I painted the letters with some extra paint I had for the room.  I used the same Command strips I used HERE to hang the letters.  The letters are so lightweight that I only used one medium sized strip on the big letters and one small one on the little letters.  The strips make it so easy to hang stuff.  I wish I had a lifetime supply of them.

So here's how it looks as you enter from the garage.  Remember the organization station?

And then you enter the kitchen....with counters that need to be cleared.

I thought about centering the letters, but then I liked the right justification look better.

Have you done any tone on tone wall stuff before?  I'm really digging it.

Thanks for stopping by.

- Do any of you have a love affair with the Method products at Target?  I absolutely adore them.  The are "green" and they smell good enough to eat.  Yes, I have an obsession...but hey, anything that makes me want to clean more is good, right?

- Do you have a Ninjago fan?  Christie just did an awesome party for her son with a Ninjago theme HERE.  Great ideas.

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