September 20, 2012

DIY Stickers with the Silhouette and a Promo

So the Silhouette company has come up with even more cool products to use.  There's white sticker paper (which I'll show you today), printable gold foil, and printable silver foil.  It's all pretty cool stuff.
See how they've used the silver one here?

Here's the gold.

I decided to play with the sticker paper.  I had Christmas on the brain, so I printed some gift tag stickers.  I used an existing label file I purchased in the Silhouette store a while back.  I used the color fill feature to choose my colors everywhere.  

I printed them onto the sticker paper and then loaded them into the machine.  Don't forget to print your registration marks for the Silhouette to detect.  You also need to save the file and then delete the words so it doesn't cut them OR click the scissors button and choose "cut only outline" for each grouping.

It cut the labels perfectly.

I thought it would be fun to make stickers that would be easy to throw on packages or neighborhood gifts for Christmas.

The sticker paper would be great for creating cool labels, too.

So here's the promo if you're looking to get your hands on a Silhouette or just the products.


1 CAMEO, 1 package of printable gold foil, 1 package of printable silver foil, and 1 package of printable white sticker paper for $269.99. (Savings of almost $57!) 

(It was the littlest dog I could think of.)

The same bundle but without the CAMEO for $19.99.

To get the deal just go HERE and use the code "ROAR."
The promo goes through the 30th os September.

Thanks for reading.

- Need a good quiet activity for your kids?  THIS book/bead set has my boys enthralled.  It'll be great at  church.


  1. We had that bead set. It was a staple for church for many many years. It's awesome. I might have played with it a time or two myself.

  2. How cute! I better get busy for Christmas! haha! The silver & gold foil ones are very cool :)

  3. Whenever I type words or put pictures in a print and cut file, I just highlight the parts I want printed but not cut. Under [Cut style] I click "no cut". And then, as long as I use the "group selected shapes" feature on the bottom left hand corner of the screen it keeps all my cut/no cut how I want it. I don't have the deluxe version, though, so I don't know if it's the same for everyone.

  4. Which fonts did you use for your labels? You always have the best font combos!

  5. I just printed really fun address labels for birthday party invitations using your tutorial. Thanks so much for letting me know that I could choose the scissor option and select "cut edge" to make it work the way I need it to. AWESOME! Thanks!

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