November 15, 2012

Refashionista Day 4 - with Feather's Flights

Today we have another great guest in the house.  Heather from Feather's Flights is here to share a fun refashion for all you superhero-loving people.  Heather has some really cool sewing tutorials on her blog.  Her baby onesie cardigan is adorable and I will definitely be making some baby shortalls from her tutorial when this baby comes.  Welcome Heather!

I love making boys clothes. Especially when it's something both mom and boy love. Well I came across this Batman sweatshirt and loved the simplicity of it. I knew it could easily be replicated by attaching a hood to a sweatshirt or shirt, so I came up with a hood pattern.

 Make a sweatshirt with a subtle Batman hood, and attach the mask when your son wants to be Batman!

Batman Hood Pattern Size 4/5
Large black sweatshirt
Thread, scissors, pins, etc
Black Velcro
Shirt or hoodie to sew hood onto

1. Either trace your son's existing hoodie to make a hoodie or find a shirt to attach hood to.

2. Cut string in hood and pull out.

3. Cut hood off and cut up seam so it lies flat.

4. Lay out pattern and cut out four pieces of the front and back of the batman hood.

4. With right sides together pin front and back at middle where the ears are and sew at 1/4". Do the same to the three others.

5. Clip and trim corners.

6. With right sides together pin left and right side together. Sew at 1/4". Don't forget to sew the front
seam under the face at 1/4".

7. With wrong sides together sew mask together around edges at 1/8".

8. Sew on the hooked side of the velcro pieces. I had trouble with my mask and the placement of the velcro. You should probably try the hood on your child with the mask to get the perfect velcro and eyehole placement before sewing up the hood.

9. Sew the soft side of the velcro pieces into one of the hoods matching the same spots as the mask.

10. Slip one hood inside the other with right sides together. Pin and sew at 1/4".

11. Clip and trim corners.

12. Flip right sides out. The face seam won't lay very flat so stitch around the face opening at 1/8".

13. With right sides together (the non-velcro side is the right side) pin hood neck opening to jacket neck opening.

14. Sew with a zigzag at 1/4".

Or, sew the finished hood to a shirt like Cheri did.

Enjoy watching your son run around being Batman! You can see my son wearing the shirt with hood. It's a little big on him. Thanks so much to my friend who let me borrow her son!

Thank you Heather!  Rex would think this was the coolest idea ever.  And be sure check out THESE MITTENS Heather just made her son.  They are so smart and everything you wish you could find in a mitten but never do when you try to buy some.


Alice said...

Your little boy couldn't look happier with his mommy's hard work! What memories he will have!

My little Prince ♕ Nikolas said...

I was looking for that!!! I have a 4 years old boy, batman(-holic) lover also I am goig to try it... Thank you

DressUpNotDown said... sons might need me to make them each one. I would suggest using black Velcro.

Jessica @ Sunny Stitching said...

My son would LOVE this. I think I'm going to add it to his Christmas list! ;-)

Theresa said...

My nephew had a Ninja Turtle masked hoodie on last week. Hubby told me I had to figure out how to make some for the boys. Thank you for figuring it out for me! (Talk about perfect timing)


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