January 14, 2013

Mommy School - making boats that float

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This is actually an activity I did with Rex and a friend of his a while back.  They loved it.  It's a great one for their age (5ish).  I got the original idea HERE (where they do a great job of explaining the scientific terminology like buoyancy, etc.  We kept it a little simpler for now.)  We used tin foil to make boats and then marbles to fill them.

I find that it's always fun to do something out of season.  For example, you get to play in the water a lot in the summer, but playing with a tub of water inside in the winter was really exciting to the boys.  

I let them design a few different models of boats from the aluminum foil.  It was fun to see how their boats changed as they figured out what would hold more.  

Then each time we'd test them and see whose boat could hold the most marbles without sinking.

So, does a boat with a superhero on it and a pound of scotch tape hold more marbles?  Well, maybe not, but Rex sure tried.

It was fun to watch the boats get filled with the marbles.  Then, suddenly they would get low enough to leak and the water would slowly creep in.....

....and then they'd drop really quickly.  Boom.

This is another activity where you can do it anytime.  You just need water, a bin, aluminum foil, and something like marbles (or change or anything you can think of).  You could even use the bathtub.

Tomorrow I'll show you a little bit of the changes in the playroom.  Thanks for stopping by.


Unknown said...

I love this! I remember doing something like this when I was in grade school for a science fair team I was on. I love ideas like this - I store them and keep them for when I have my own future kiddos. Such great activities to get their minds rolling.

~ko said...

Oh my boys will have a ball with this! Thanks for sharing :)

Betsy said...

Thanks for the silhouette promo code! I needed new blades and was happy to get 40% off!!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the code!! I had stuff I was waiting to buy! Love a good discount! Woot!

Delia said...

So fun Cherie!

You can also take some toys, put them in old yogurt containers and fill them up with water. Let them sit outside overnight. Unmold the ice. Then put them in the tubs, and they are toy filled icebergs! :)

Аленушка said...

I wish my by boy to come to play with him! It's so easy, but so interesting !
Aljonushka from faraway Belarus


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