March 25, 2013

Mommy School - Easter Egg Ideas

Since Easter is almost here the boys and I decided to decorate some eggs.  We didn't do the traditional dyes, but we tried out a few other things instead.

The first thing we tried was glitter dots, just like we did HERE on the lamp shade.  

We stuck several dots on the eggs...

.... and then the boys rolled them in glitter.

It was easy, but a little messy.  When Baden decided he didn't want glitter on his fingers he attempted to blow it off of them, blowing a big pile of glitter from his paper everywhere.  It was kind of funny.  I had to make a new rule.  "We never blow glitter."

Next up we got out the watercolors.  I saw that HERE on MPMK.  She used food coloring and vinegar, but actually just used our paints.  The boys weren't as fond of this method - probably because I didn't have any eggs stands and the eggs rolled around a bit.  Can you tell Baden doesn't like getting his fingers dirty?

Lastly, we got out some Sharpies and doodled on some eggs.  The boys really liked this method.

I even got in on the fun this round.

* I realize that our method of decorating the eggs might not be good for consumption.  None of us actually likes hard boiled eggs, so we don't intend to eat them.  We just like the Easter tradition, so we decorate a few each year.

Do you have any easter egg decorating traditions?  Have you decorated any yet this year?

Thanks for stopping by.


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