March 04, 2013

Mommy School - positive reinforcement ideas

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My kids kind of go through cycles.  I imagine that most do.  I'll have a great stretch with one of them and then we hit a rough spot.  The challenges are different with each child, but when we hit one I like to think of different ways to get us through it.

Back when Rex was younger I made this "Good Boy Passport" with him.  He loved it and I haven't made him one in a while, so I think we'll try that again soon.  You can read all about it HERE.

Baden's struggles are a lot different than Rex's.  He's naturally sensitive, cautious, and shy.  For him I made this "Brave Bear" worksheet.  When he does something brave, he gets to color in a bear.  For him that might mean talking to someone he doesn't know, or not crying when I drop him off at preschool, or doing anything that puts him out of his little comfort zone.

He has loved coloring the bears.  This is the second one we've done.  When he completes it we do something fun together or I buy him something little.  I usually try not to buy things for Rex because his demands are higher, but Baden is ecstatic about getting a rubber ducky from the dollar bin.  That's what he wanted this time.  I can handle that :)

Honestly, as a mother I go through cycles too.  I'll feel like I'm doing well for a stretch and then I get a bit overwhelmed.  When I feel overwhelmed I notice that there are more time outs and my parenting feels less effective.  That's when I like to try something new like these ideas.  It helps the boys and me as well.  I find that they do a lot better with positive reinforcements and when they have something they can visually work toward.  I also like to switch it up and try new things with them.  Even the best ideas seem to wear out after a lot of use.

Here are a few other things I've seen online that I think would be fun to try out.

I love this good deed punch card found HERE at eighteen 25.

I've heard a few people mention bed time passes.  For good behavior your child is awarded 10 minutes to stay up later.  I found a this cute printable for it HERE.

Is there anything you've tried that was really helpful with your kids?  I'd love to hear about it.

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