March 11, 2013

Mommy School - Sentence Building

Rex has been working on sentences at school and I wanted to help him firm up the stuff he's learning.  Sometimes he forgets to put a period at the end or to use only lowercase letters, etc.  

When I do mommy school with my boys I try really hard to find a way to involve BOTH of them at the same time.  Baden (age 3) knows his letters pretty well, but he gets a few of them confused.  So this is what I did to help both of them.

I wrote out a sentence that I thought Rex (age 5) could read and write.

Then I cut out each letter, including blank ones for spaces.

I told Rex the sentence and he had to spell each word out.  When he spelled out the word, Baden had to find each letter and give it to him.

Rex would then construct the sentence as Baden handed him the letters he requested.

They worked together until the sentence was finished.  We did a few sentences this way and it was fun.

 Both boys could work on the skills they needed to - including cooperation.

For a little more work with Baden I'll write all the letters on a page and then call them out.  He has to find and cross out (or stamp) each letter that I call out.  This helps with any letters he's shaky on.  Then we do the lower case ones too.

And that's mommy school for today.  Thanks for stopping by.


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