March 11, 2013

Mommy School - Sentence Building

Rex has been working on sentences at school and I wanted to help him firm up the stuff he's learning.  Sometimes he forgets to put a period at the end or to use only lowercase letters, etc.  

When I do mommy school with my boys I try really hard to find a way to involve BOTH of them at the same time.  Baden (age 3) knows his letters pretty well, but he gets a few of them confused.  So this is what I did to help both of them.

I wrote out a sentence that I thought Rex (age 5) could read and write.

Then I cut out each letter, including blank ones for spaces.

I told Rex the sentence and he had to spell each word out.  When he spelled out the word, Baden had to find each letter and give it to him.

Rex would then construct the sentence as Baden handed him the letters he requested.

They worked together until the sentence was finished.  We did a few sentences this way and it was fun.

 Both boys could work on the skills they needed to - including cooperation.

For a little more work with Baden I'll write all the letters on a page and then call them out.  He has to find and cross out (or stamp) each letter that I call out.  This helps with any letters he's shaky on.  Then we do the lower case ones too.

And that's mommy school for today.  Thanks for stopping by.


Sarrilly said...

I love it! Such a sweet way to involve both kids and help them with the skills they need. :)

Tabea said...

I think you found a good way to give every boy a good exercise.
But I wonder why Kids at the age of 3 has to learn letters? Is that usuluar in the USA? Here in Germany Kids start school at the age of 6 and there they start to learn the letters and later, to read words and sentences. Here a child of 5 years isn´t able to read a sentence like Rex does.

With Greetings from cold Germany (today it´s -4,5!)


controlling craziness said...

I love how you find something both kids can do and they work together. What great learning and great relationship building you are doing.

Unknown said...

What a lovely idea! And I love the look of concentration on Baden's face in the last pic!

~ko said...

You are such a smart momma! This will be perfect for my little men!

Kat said...

I LOVE those idea's. I have two 3 year olds I'll try that second idea with. Recently I cut papers about 4"x4", wrote one letter on each one, stuck them all randomly on a wall and gave the kiddo's a fly swatter. Then I would say a letter and they had to find the letter and swat it with the fly swatter. I liked this b/c it was a gross motor activity also! I did this activity with #'s too.

Michelle said...

Love it! Monday is my favorite day to check your blog.

Krista said...

I think it is beginning to become the norm in the USA for kids that young to learn this type of information. I'm not sure how good it is either though. My 5 year old is still trying to cement all the letters into his brain (although he just turned 5 and is still in pre-school), definitely not up to Rex's level of writing sentences. He's a smart kid, but all this super early learning makes him feel inferior when he still just wants to play. Guess it just depends on the kid too.

Rachel said...

As a Kindergarten teacher I love this mommy school lesson! Aside from that I really love how you modified it to meet both your boys' needs at the same time. Very creative!

barbandemily said...

I love your co-operative learning approach! My good friend teaches kindergarten here in Canada where she has both JR. and SR. children in the same class. It's an approach that encourages the co-operative learning between JR and SR students. A technique they have been using for the spaces is something that I think your boys might like. The letters are cut out as you did and they have a little graphic of a "space man" who stands in where spaces are needed. When my friend, or a student is spelling out words in a sentence, the class calls out "don't forget the space man" when a space is required. Cute!

Mika said...

Fun while it! I love the cooperative nature of it. (I wonder if they new they were learning or just thought it was a fun game! genius.)

Jen @ de Jong Dream House said...

Such a great way to involve both boys where they are. I love that sentence idea. May borrow that for my only.

Tiffany said...

Oh mommy school makes my brain churn on how to apply for my daughter. Thanks for the ideas!


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