March 13, 2013

What I Love Wednesday - Best Places to Shop for Boys

As soon as I heard I was having a boy (when I was pregnant with Rex) people would chime in and say,  "Oh, it's so hard to find cute boy clothing.  It's just not the same as dressing a girl."  And while it's definitely not the same as dressing a girl, there are seriously cute clothes for boys, too.  You just have to know where to look and you just have to look a little harder at times.

So, here are my 5 top places to shop for my boys.  (Keep in mind my taste is less fire trucks and puppies and more rock n' roll, skater, or little man.) 

1) Target.  This one is a little more obvious, but I can't ignore my target love.  My love for Target runs deep - probably deeper than it should.  I could spend the day there.  Anyhow, where was I?

I particularly love the Shaun White clothing line there.  Now that Rex can wear that size, it's not hard to find a cool sweatshirt or thermal for him there.  

Plus, I just realized that online, you can purchase the Shaun White line in toddler sizes HERE.  I wish I would have know that a while back.

Target's clothing is pretty reasonably priced and I love to find cool sweatshirts in the spring when they clearance them out.

2) Naartjie.  Some of you might not be familiar with this store.  It's not nation-wide and it's definitely not world-wide.  

What I love most about Naartjie clothing is that it has an element of funkiness, but it's also extremely comfortable.  

The prices are a little more than I like to pay, but they have great sales and markdowns.

Their shirts have lots of details and patches, which I love.

They also always have really cute hats.  Their girl clothing is really gorgeous, but I haven't really shopped it much, since I haven't had a reason to until now.

3) H&M.  This store has some amazing prices and it's a great place to shop if you lean towards really hip, trendy clothing and bright colors.  

For example, this slightly more fitted tee is $5.95.  I have it in different colors for my boys and I love it.  They can layer it up or wear it alone.  I love stripes.

The colored pants are under $10.

They also have really cool shoes and accessories there.  Baden has a fedora I bought there that he's been wearing a lot and I love it.

4) Zulily.  I wrote about Zulily once before right HERE.  It does take a while for items to ship, but there are some great deals out there.  

If you need an invite, click HERE.  It was these little pants that originally got me and I placed my first order there.  (FYI - They have them in stock right now, but the sale on them ends today.)

I purchased this sweatshirt there and it is the coolest sweatshirt I've ever seen.  It has thumb holes and a cool graphic on the back and a strip that unsnaps at the bottom back of the sweatshirt to reveal a reflector strip to use when riding a bike.

While I haven't ordered clothing for myself there because returns aren't easy, I have no problem buying things there for the boys.  Their sizing is pretty simple.  They even often have cute baby boy stuff.

If you don't know how Zulily works, just check out my post about it HERE.

5) Nordstrom Rack.  I don't shop here a ton, but when I do I always find something great.  It's all the sweet brands from Nordstrom, but highly discounted.  It's the stuff that hasn't sold right away, but it's still great stuff and it isn't damaged in anyway.

They often have cool character shirts, but in a more tasteful way.

Some of it's still out of my price range, but they have nice suits and good shoes as well.  I like to buy the boys shoes there sometimes.

And that's my round up of favorite boy shopping.  (I'll also give honorable mention to TJ Max.  They often have great jeans there.  AND homemade items are still my personal favorite.)  Do you have a favorite boy store?  Feel free to share it in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.


valentinegirl said...

I love Target too....but I have found that many of their shirts (especially the Shaun White line) run really short in the larger sizes. My boys are quite tall, so too short shirts don't work. The other great thing about Target are their markdowns. I just bought 6 pairs of jeans for next fall for $2.68 each!!

gina said...

Target all the way!!!!

Unknown said...

I love target and zulily! :) just wish zulily sold crafting /fabric supplies! :)

Sarrilly said...

You know the funny thing? I used to think the same thing about boy clothing when my son was born (esp. after 2 years of getting to buy cute clothing for my niece!) but now that I'm expecting a girl, I'm discovering all these adorable clothing for baby boys! haha :) Great roundup!

Krista said...

I love, they're pretty expensive, but they always have a coupon code going around with 10-15% off and free shipping/free returns. Really good quality and super cute.

Thanks for letting me know about Nordstrom Rack, I love shopping at Nordstrom for my son, but I end up spending way more money than I should. I had no idea they have a discount store.

Athena said...

Osh Kosh is one of my favorites. We have an outlet by our house, and they do a great job of combining 'rugged' and 'classy/preppy' in the same outfit. It fits both my and my husband's tastes. They have some fabulous sales throughout the year and coupons are fairly easy to find.,default,sc.html

Leigh said...

I am also a big fan of Lands' End and LL bean for nearly indestructible pants for my four year old.

astr!d said...

i also love target for my boy! that shawn white line is our fav! i love dressing my boy, patterned socks and hats/beanies are must haves for a cool look for little man. patterend socks (that are not no show) are harder to find. im always looking for them. gap kids has the best. i have luck sometimes at walmart or target.

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

I shop Etsy for cool screen printed tees for boys. I found adorable Star Wars and Marvel/DC type shirts on there for our nephews.

Diana said...

Old Navy and Gap are also favorites for my boys. Love the preppie stuff that they always seem to have in store. I also am a Target lover!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Gap and Old Navy clearance racks, and of course Target.

Kylie said...

I agree with can't forget Old Navy! They have cute and affordable non-cheesy clothes for boys, and have awesome sales and clearance. I'm also head to a Gap Outlet this weekend with a 40% off coupon.

Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing! We are expecting our first boy (after two girls) next month and I love getting ideas on where to shop for him! I think boys clothes are super cute, too. Love anything from Ralph Lauren!

Kayt said...

My four year old LIVES in Target clothes. And in Colorado, they carry the SW stuff in toddler sizes in stores! I shamelessly stalk the clearance racks, then buy up all of the 70% off SW stuff in bigger sizes, then it's like scoring all over again when Jamey grows into the clothes and I pull them out of the dresser in the closet.

I'm definitely going to have to check out H&M. I've never shopped there, being plus sized, but that is some cute and affordable stuff!

Kayt said...

Oh, and FYI, Old Navy has the BEST tights for baby girls. I have a five month old, and I was super unhappy with the cable knit tights (or lack thereof) from my usual haunts. ON has tights for babies that are nice and thick, stretchy, and adorable.

I tend to buy my boy shirts from Goodwill/ARC and use those for projects. I bought a whole bunch on half-off day.

Wild Kat said...

I think I was meant to have boys so I didn't go bananas on buying girl clothes (I have nieces to fill that urge on occasion). I do love many places, but I am partial to Goorin for my sons hats and knucklheads clothing. Great post!

Unknown said...

Love this post! So helpful. I just had a baby in december and I pretty much hate all the boy clothing out there. but i have found some cute things at Target and Zulily. and I love H&M. good round up.

Melissa said...

Kohl's Tony Hawk clothes are my 6 year old's favorites! They have a funky vibe to them and he looks so darn cute. At the end of season sales, I have stocked up on shirts and pants for less than $5 a piece!

Kelly B said...

You should definitely check out Crazy 8, their prices are good & their boy selection has some fun stuff. They also usually carrying items for girls that will pair nicely with the boy items.

Donovan LaGrange said...

I love love love crazy8! And so glad they have one in Utah now! It's Gymboree with target prices!


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