How To Keep Your Cat As Healthy And Lean As Possible – 2024 Guide

Having a cat as a pet is always full of adventures and new, interesting experiences. Cats are very special, which every owner of one will tell you. Although they are sometimes stubborn and do not allow you to impose things on them that they are not interested in, cats are very affectionate, loving and will make your life much more fulfilling and beautiful. They will be your kid’s best friend and you will see them bonding over time.

If you have just got a kitten, you are probably wondering how best to feed and treat it to make it healthy and happy. This should be one of your top priorities!

Following a few practical advice will help you achieve this. That is why in this article we discuss how to keep your cat as healthy and lean as possible. Let’s start.

1. Skip kibble food


If you’ve been wondering whether kibble food is a good choice for your kitten it’s time to let you know that it would be the best if you skip it and choose canned food instead. Why? Kibble cat food is dry food that is highly processed. It contains too little animal protein, which is necessary for the good health of the cat, and on the other hand, it contains a lot of carbohydrates that do nothing good for your beloved pet. Keep in mind that cats are carnivores and that their intake of sufficient amounts of meat is vital for their body to function optimally.

If you feed her kibble food, besides not getting all the necessary nutrients, she will probably also drink less water, which in the long run can lead to serious problems. Your kitten’s food is not something you should save on. Investing in high quality canned food will ensure that your pet is healthy and happy.

2. Be moderate with homemade food

While it may seem to you that the homemade food you prepare is the best choice for your cat it is actually often very far from the truth. Cat food contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that will ensure optimal health. When you prepare food yourself, it is very likely that you will overlook some of the ingredients and that the cat will lack something that is important for its health.

In case you have definitely decided not to buy ready-made food, but to cook for your cat, then we suggest that you consult a veterinarian. He or she will tell you whether you are on the right track and if your kitten needs to take certain supplements to fully cover all the ingredients she needs.

3. Incorporate a daily play that will be a proper exercise for your cat


In order for a cat to be lean and healthy, one of the most important things is exercise. Cats that sleep most of the time become obese, which leads to a variety of health problems. The likelihood that your kitten will develop excess weight is further increased when you give her too much food. That is why everyday play with it is very important to ensure that it does not gain weight and become too static. One of the best ways to do this is to find the activity that your cat loves the most.

It can be playing with a laser, rattles, a ball, or something else. Nowadays, on the market you can find numerous toys and play settings that your cat will enjoy. If you have a ragdoll cat good news is that on Floppycats you can find numerous tips on which toys to choose for her, as well as other useful tips. The most important thing is to get to know your pet and figure out what works best for them.

4. Always consult a professional

One of the best ways to ensure that your cat stays lean and healthy is to take her to veterinary check ups regularly, as well as to consult a veterinarian for all important things. A professional will give you the best advice on how to care for and feed your cat to ensure its best health. Often people, due to lack of time and money, decide to do things on their own and do not seek the opinion of experts for caring for their pet.

And when a bigger problem occurs, they decide to finally visit it, which additionally contributes to the cat’s stress. It is a great idea to take your pet to the vet while he is still a baby. That way, she will get to know him right at the beginning, and these examinations will not cause him anxiety, which can happen when an adult cat meets a veterinarian for the first time.

5. Keep them hydrated


One of the things that greatly contributes to the health and weight of cats is their hydration. Intake of the optimal amount of water during the day will ensure proper functioning of the cat’s kidneys and other internal organs and prevent various health problems.

Some cats love to drink water and for them adequate hydration is not a challenge, but you should keep in mind that cats in the wild ingest sufficient amounts of water through the food they hunt, so drinking additional water is not innate to them.

However, there are several ways you can motivate your pet to drink more water, and one of them is getting them a water fountain. Cats like to drink water on the go, so this is a great trick to prevent them from dehydrating.

Some cats like to drink tap water while running from the faucet, so if this is practical for you, you can also incorporate this into your cat’s daily routine. Eating canned food instead of kibble will also ensure that it drinks more fluids and prevent the consequences of insufficient hydration.


Cats are phenomenal pets that bring a lot of joy into the life of their owner. They are very cheerful, wise and full of surprises, so life with this pet will never be boring. As a cat owner, it is very important to take care of her diet and exercise to ensure that your cat is healthy and lean for as long as possible.

With the application of these practical tips, you will be on the right track, and we always advise you to regularly consult with veterinarians and hear their expert opinion about all important things. This way you will best ensure a long and happy life for your cat.

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