April 22, 2013

Mommy School - Summer School Plan 3

The third week of Mommy school will be about the of the world.  We'll learn about the continents and how they differ from each other.  I thought this would be good after learning about the planets and space the week before.  Here are a few activities we plan on doing.

1) I want to make a big map for the boys to see.  I figure I can print one off at Staples as a blueprint so it'll only be $3 and they can color it.  Then we'll play continent Twister like I saw HERE.  That'll give them a brief intro to each continent and then we can spend a day on each one.

2)  After spending a LOT of time looking for ideas on teaching the boys about the different countries and what animals live there, what the climate is like, what traditions they have, etc. I couldn't find a whole lot.  Then I came upon this app for an iPad.  It's called Barefoot World Atlas, and it's based on a series of books you can find HERE.  You can watch a demo video about the app HERE.  The downside is that it's $4.99, but that's a whole lot of info for the price and I think it will be a really cool way for the boys to learn about their world.  The demo video had me hooked.

3) I'd like us to do some cooking from some of the different cultures.  We already eat a lot of different types of foods, so maybe I'll have the boys put a sticker on our map to show where the meal we're eating comes from.  Even our fruits we eat as snacks would be fun to put on the map.  

There's a cute little video about that HERE.  We can also hunt on the labels of our food to figure it out. Then we'll map it.  Sorry - no picture yet since we haven't done it.

4) I also want to map where the animals live.  Maybe I'll let the boys draw pictures of different animals on our map, or print off little pictures and have them glue them to our map.  I think it would be easy to find some to print off.

That's all I've got for now.  Please feel free to share ideas or activities you'd recommend to go along with the week's theme.  Thanks for reading.


Maegan.Viss said...

I love this idea! This would be great for days that its way to hot for them to play outside as we are in Texas now.

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

That's a great idea to learn about the continents! I love the idea of mapping food, and where the animals come from instead of just thinking they live at the zoo, and food comes from the store!

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

Very cool! You can also play music from different countries and learn about different musical instruments. Maybe you can teach them to say a few words like hello, I love you, goodbye, please, etc in different languages.

~ko said...

Love the idea of adding a bit of the languages in the mix! This will be such a fun week! I'm book marking!

rhettchristopher72 said...

Check this out. I'm thinking of making one for my classroom next year, but this would be great at home too, especially with your travel theme.

Unknown said...

For good foreign recipes that are relatively healthy visit this blog http://globaltableadventure.com/ She does a country a week and has a great perspective on getting kids to try stuff they might not normally be into. She just finished Suriname.

iammommahearmeroar said...

Oh that is awesome! That would be really cool to have or make. Wow! Thanks for sharing that link!


iammommahearmeroar said...

Awesome. I will check that blog out for sure. Thanks for the tip, Joy!


Unknown said...

I found these two apps - Stack the States (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stack-the-states/id381342267?mt=8) and Stack the Countries (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stack-the-countries/id407838198?mt=8) that my kids (and I) just love. It has lots of fun facts about the states and various countries. I've been amazed at how fast my seven year-old can now recognize countries just by their shape and where they belong on the map.

weeone said...

We have this map at home. It's still waiting to be given as a gift. It's hard to find good maps and I saw this at Kohl's and bought it. (I did read a review that the equator isn't in the right place though if that matters to you. I was interested in that observation!)



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