April 08, 2013

Mommy School - Summer School Plan 1

I'm going to change up the Monday Mommy School posts for the next two months and here's why.  I have about 9 weeks left till the baby comes and until school is out and I want to use these posts to prepare 9 weeks of Mommy School ideas for the summer.

So, each Monday for the next 9 weeks I'll post 5-6 activities that go along with a theme.  I plan on doing various activities around that theme for the week.  Then when summer hits I can refer back to these posts instead of trying to plan everything once it's already hit.

So the first week is going to be about DINOSAURS.  Here are a some of the things we plan to do.

1) Make dinosaur eggs.  You can find all the info and instructions HERE.  I think I might prep this beforehand and use the activity to introduce the theme of the week to the boys.  

2) Dinosaur rubbings.  Do you remember placing a paper over something with texture and then rubbing a crayon over it to copy to texture?  Well Rex's teacher had some dinosaur outlines at school where she had outlined them with hot glue and then the kids used them to do a rubbing.  I thought it was pretty clever.  I want to take it one step further and do the bones like this picture and then let them do a rubbing of it.  Then we can talk about fossils, etc.

3) Make dinosaur crackers.  This is nothing scientific, but I want one of our days to be a cooking day.  I plan on making these cheese crackers with the boys and then rolling them out like cookie dough and using a dinosaur cookie cutter to make dino crackers.  This simple cracker recipe is found HERE.

Maybe we'll even make them into fossil crackers, kind of like these cookies from HERE.

4) For an art project we'll try this Name-O-Saurus idea found HERE.

5) Visit a dinosaur museum.  We have one nearby that I've never been to.  I figure this would make a fun outing - especially after we've learned a little more about them.

6) And for some writing, reading, and counting review there's a great printable stuff HERE about dinosaurs.

So hopefully this can take the planning work out for some of you this summer, too.  I'm excited to plan out some more themed weeks.  Thanks for reading.


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