April 15, 2013

Mommy School - Summer School Plan 2

Here are some ideas for week 2 of our Summer Mommy School.  I picked the theme of Space for the week.  Here are a few links/ideas that we'll be trying.

1) Make a rocket out of recycled materials.  (The original source isn't a blog anymore, so I don't have  a link.  However, it's pretty self-explanatory.)

2) I might have to let the boys splurge on some Oreos just because this moom phase idea is really cool.  You can find it HERE.

3) Here's a good filler worksheet for basic, simple math and coloring fun.  It's HERE.

4) There's a nice Astronaut Printable pack HERE.

5) I think it would be fun for us to make our own solar system, painting balls and setting them up like she did HERE.

6) And for cooking we'll make "Wookie Cookies" like THIS, but I'll actually probably use THIS recipe because it's really healthy and the boys and I both like them.  (I have to throw a little Star Wars into the space unit, you know.)

Planning these weeks is actually making me excited about the summer.  I can't wait to try this all out with the boys.  If you have any other space-related ideas or activities, feel free to share them in the comment section.  I know I've only scratched the surface here.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. The Solar System would look cool in that spiffy basement of yours ;)

  2. hehe i love the Oreo moon phases! ...and now I'm craving oreos...

  3. I love the oreo moon phases! so cool!

  4. Wonderful ideas!!!
    Aljonushka from faraway Belarus

  5. I love your new picture at the top! SO CUTE! :)

  6. When I was teaching school, space was in my 6th grade core and we did this really cool thing where we used toilet paper to measure out how far from the sun ech planet was. It was a really cool way to emphasize that what most of space is is space. Might be a bit more advanced than you are going for with your littles but if you are interested, let me know andi'll did through my files for the specifics (though it is probably on the web by now!)

  7. Oh, btw, you end up walking a few blocks just to give you an idea.

  8. Constellations are always fun. It's basically connect the dots. :) They can learn about them, then go outside at night and try to spot them.

  9. OMG the photo you have of you and your boys up top is to die for. I was much bigger than you are with my third. I felt like a whale! Not too many photos of me both while or after that pregnancy.
    Anyway, Hadn't dropped by your blog for a while and thought I would check out how you are doing. I need to get back to stuffing diapers and finishing my blog post. Hope you feel well.

  10. You have and find the best ideas! We will be participating in this entire week of ideas come summer!

  11. We did a lesson on stars once and had the kids make their own constellations =) We used black poster board (or you could use a black sheet) and we bought a package of the glow in the dark stars. We blindfolded the kids and spun them around and then had them take turns putting the stars on the poster board. After we had enough stars we turned off the lights and tried to figure out what our new constellation looked like (an animal,person, object). We then came up with a story to go with it. They LOVED it! We talked a little about the real constellations and some of the stories behind them (although I had to alter them a little so they were more toddler appropriate). It was a blast! =) I think having a lesson plan each week for summer is fantastic. So far you are doing a Great Job! =)

  12. Oh! Another thing (sorry, I got really into space while teaching) - the salt lake astronomical society (google it) does free star parties and sun parties throughout the summer. They've got a really cool observatory out in stansbury park and they also bring telescopes to different locations in the valley - usually like a Harmon's parking lot. Could be a fun family outing!


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