April 29, 2013

Mommy School - Summer School Plan 4

My boys love, love, love art.  As much as Rex likes superheroes, he's torn between his loves.  He says he either wants to be a policeman (which I figure is the closest he can think of to being a superhero) or an artist.  So, I want to spend a week of the summer on just art.  

I figured we'll pick an artist a day.  We can learn about the artist and try out his or her "style."  

1) First up is Eric Carle.  Baden is obsessed with him.  It's funny that he has a favorite author when he's only 3, but he'll sit and listen to any Eric Carle book.  I think it's the bright, bold art he loves.  And honestly, I love Eric Carle too.  I found a great short video to start with HERE.  It shows him working on his art and explaining his love of color.  It's less than 3 minutes, so it won't be hard for the boys to sit through.

Then I think we'll paint papers in different bright colors like he does.  We'll cut them into shapes to create our own pictures.  Here are a couple examples of kids attempting his art that I found.

2) Next up we'll talk about Vincent Van Gough.  We'll read the main summary about him HERE.  However, I want to emphasize to the boys that he wasn't very successful or accepted in his lifetime and only sold one painting.  I think it's neat for them to understand that we can follow our hearts and passions - even if others don't always understand us.

For our project I think we'll do self-portraits.  Vincent did 37 self portraits!  And maybe we'll try to mimic the type of brush strokes he used in the background.

3) We'll do a day on Andrew Warhol as well.  I want to stress that art is everywhere - not just in museums.  It's in packaging, people, and all the things we love.  We'll watch THIS little YouTube video on him (with the mute button on because everyone has to make videos with loud music on them for some reason).

For our art project I'll take pictures of the boys, turn them into coloring type pages (like I did in their quiet books below) and then..... 

.......make the classic collage so they can color them all different colors.

4) Lastly, we'll talk about Picasso.  I want to teach the boys what abstract art is.  I found this great site (which is loaded with ideas) at the end of all my art searching.  Anyhow, we'll follow her portrait Picasso instructions found HERE.  I think the boys will get a kick out of drawing noses on foreheads and what not.

5) On the last day we'll head to an art museum.  I've actually never taken the boys to an art museum.  Maybe I'll let them use my camera to take pictures of the art they find that they like and we can learn a little more about it.  Any recommendations for the art museum in Utah that would be most age-appropriate?

6) And just in case you want some more fun art projects to try, here's a short round up of ones that I think look really fun.  Click on the link below each picture to be taken to the original source.

Treasure Chests (but I think they'd make fun "books in a box")

Nature Art (and collect it while you hike)

And that's art week!  I know it's not even the tip of the iceberg that I'll be covering with them, but I just want to get their feet wet.  Feel free to link up an art project you've done with kids that was a hit or that you want to try.

Thanks for dropping in.


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