May 31, 2013

A Sneak Peek at Baden's New Room

As I mentioned at the beginning of the year, one of the things I wanted to do was design a room for Baden.  He's been in a room with frames that say "Rex" for a couple of years now and he's never picked anything himself.  At first he was stuck on a fire station, but as his project got pushed off (due to the bathroom and nursery needs) his opinion changed.

He decided he wanted a tree fort room.  We used this surf shack bed from Pottery Barn for some inspiration.

We also used this room's color scheme for inspiration.  Baden has been saying blue and orange are his favorite and I just love this color scheme too.

So, the building portion of the room is done (thanks to my dad who whipped this up amazingly fast), but I have a lot of painting left and then decorating.  We're now debating whether it should be a tree fort room or a surf shack, because we all think it looks like a surf shack.  Plus, Baden thinks the surf shack idea is really cool.

The shack holds his twin mattress, with room to walk around it.

As you turn to the left there's a pulley with a bucket.  My Dad built us a real tree fort when we were kids and it had a pulley.  I remember LOVING it.  The boys are playing with it non-stop.  

The little ladder on the left leads up to a little loft.

The cool thing about this particular room that we wanted to take advantage of is that there is this unused portion above the closet.  My Dad put plywood down on it to create a sturdy floor along with railing and now it's a useable, fun portion of the room.

Once again, my parents have rocked it.  When we design a room I try to think about ways I can still use the room when they get older and their tastes change.  I figure this could go in the direction of a tree fort, surf shack, doll house for Elsa, or a lot of different ways.  It just depends on how you paint it and decorate the room.

So, when I come back in September I'll show you the totally finished look and the accessories, etc.  It'll be the cliffhanger episode/post here :)

Tomorrow is June and I have a few pregnancy pictures to post, but other than that I'm now signing off until September (I will post pictures of Elsa when she comes next week, though.)  I really appreciate your support and understanding as I take a break.  Thank you for the comments, the emails, the visits here, and the friendship you've offered.  I feel so lucky to have readers like you.


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