May 06, 2013

Mommy School - Summer School Plan 5

Week 5 of Mommy Summer School will be all about water.  We'll talk about the three forms - solid, liquid, and gas (ice, water, and steam).  We will then spend a day on each one.

1) For ice day we will play a few games.  We haven't done a Superhero Scavenger Hunt this year yet and Rex goes crazy over that one.  You can find the details HERE.

We'll also play the melting ice game that I blogged about HERE.  (Just go down to #3 in that post.)  It teaches the kids what melts ice quickly and what melts it slowly.  It's a fun one, too.

 Maybe we'll top off that day by letting the boys get a slush somewhere.

2) For the water day we will redo THIS experiment and talk about how water can move upward by using capillary action.  There's a good explanation of capillary action HERE.

We'll talk a little about the water cycle.

Then we'll do a little swimming.  Since I won't be ready for swimming just yet I did purchase a kiddie pool for the backyard to keep the boys busy this summer.  I'm hoping they'll love it.

3) For our day on steam we'll find a spa and hang out in the steam room.  Okay, I'm totally joking (thought I wish I wasn't).  We'll make homemade lemonade.  That way we can see how water dissolves things (sugar) and then we can see it turn into a gas, buy adding dry ice.  There are simple instructions for that HERE on Our Best Bites.  I'm pretty sure the boys will think this is crazy cool.

4) For a few more water activities I think we'll order some water beads again.  Those were seriously fun.  We played with them HERE before and you can read about where to order them in that post.  You can play with them, sort them by color, count them, and do all sorts of things with them.  It's just fun to put them in water and then see how huge they are the next day.  It's a great way to explain absorption.

5) For an art project using water we might try this one out again and talk about how water dissolves the color.  You can find the details HERE (down at $3).


Need more water ideas?  You can make boats or rafts like we did HERE or HERE.  You could pull out a sprinkler.  You could learn about the oceans and rivers.  There are a billion water activities out there, but this is what I felt we could squeeze into one week around here.

As always, feel free to share a link if you have something you've tried or want to that fits into this week's theme.  You guys always have great ideas and input.

Thanks for reading!


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