September 17, 2013

The Surf Shack Wall

As I mentioned yesterday, Baden's room is pretty much finished.  My husband and I hung up everything this weekend.  I'm really excited about how it turned out.

I did end up distressing the "Be Brave" sign a bit more and doing a light gray wash over it.  You can't tell really well from the pictures, but it definitely has a gray hue in person.

I bought a 2'x4' sheet of plywood at the Depot and asked them to cut it half for me.  So, I made both signs for the price of that sheet of plywood, which was about $10.  For the second sign, I wanted to carry out the same idea of being brave so I went with "take risks."  

While it may sound like crazy advice to give little boys, there's a good meaning in it to me.  I once heard a lady I respected say she believed it was important to do something each day that made her uncomfortable.  I believe we're here on this earth to learn and grow and we can't really do that in our comfort zones.  So that's what "take risks" means to me.  I'm not encouraging my boys to jump off cliffs :)

I found the oars at Hobby Lobby, but they were dark wood with a weird town-scene painted on them.  I spray painted them the colors I wanted them to be.  I can't get enough of the dark orange and white stripes.  It's the shower curtain in their bathroom and it's on Baden's bedspread as well.  Love it.

My dad had an extra piece of wood in his garage and cut it into a surfboard shape for us.  I gave Baden a few options of how I could paint it and this was the look he liked.

Now I just have some bookshelves to add to a small wall and the room will be totally done.  Then I'll give you a video tour.

Thanks for dropping in!


Saunders Family said...

Love it! How did you hang the wood signs?

Anonymous said...


controlling craziness said...

So cute. Your boys rooms reflect their personality, they are lucky to have such creative parents and grandparents. I just love it! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the the video.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

I love the 'take risks.' I love that the wood grain looks like kind of like water waves especially in the words. I think everybody needs a reminder that it's okay to try new stuff! And not for a second did I think you were encouraging your kids to jump off cliffs! ;) As I grew up, I somehow learned that I didn't like to take risks or try new things, and that if I didn't do something perfectly it wasn't worth trying. I am trying to change that myself, and hope to encourage my kids to try things. I think a 'take risks,' sign will be in our future at some point! Thanks for the great idea!

Unknown said...

excellent. the wood grain showing in the signs really gives it some good movement.
Definitely 5 stars

The Miller Five said...

I love it!!


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