September 01, 2013

We're back! With a giant photo recap....

Hey guys!  I'm back.  It's September already - which is pretty hard to believe.  However, in a way it seems like I've been gone from blogland forever.  I really missed you!  And I thought I'd do a giant recap on what we've been up to this summer.  

When I stopped blogging in June I said I wasn't sure if I'd be back or not.  Well, my plan as of right now is to come back BUT not in full force.  I will still have a few posts a week, but not everyday.  I'm going to try and be chill about it....even though that's not in my nature :)

So, in my last post I showed you a few pictures of the little lady.  Here she is at about a week old.

I always love seeing how small babies look in their cribs at first.

Here's a "real life" picture at 2 weeks.  Elsa was pretty fussy for the first couple of months, but she's mellowed out a lot in the last few weeks.

She's inherited some really cute clothes and headbands from my sister's little girl.  It's really fun to dress her.

When people see her, they always comment on her hair.  We're sporting the same hairdo, pretty much.

I think we finally convinced the boys that it's okay that she's not a boy.  Girls rock, too.

I'm finally using the baby play mat I made HERE a few years ago.

As I mentioned, her hair is the subject of conversations.  It doesn't really stay down.  It has a personality of its own and I just love it.

We had her baby blessing at the beginning of August. 

It was a perfect day.  She is such a gift and has brought so much joy into our lives.  I feel such an intense bond with her and having her in my life is a constant reminder of God's love and mercy.

What about the boys?  Well, Baden has had the hardest time with the change.  He doesn't show a whole lot of interest in her, but occasionally he'll make some cute comments.  He let her hang out with him in his "nest" the other day.

Baden is in his second year of preschool now and he's loving it.  Yay!  He's becoming less and less shy, which has been really fun to see.

And Rex?

Rex turned 6 this summer and got to build his own skateboard.  

He even took a skateboarding class, which he loved.  He's not Shawn White yet, but he's happy to have an interest that's all his own.

The summer was amazing and really difficult all at once.  The change from 2 kids to 3 has been hard for me, to be honest.  In the first 2 months I felt like I never had one minute to myself.  As Elsa has mellowed out and now that the boys are in school, I feel like I'm finally getting a little more sanity.  Rex is in 1st grade, so he's in all day school now.  Baden's school is only a couple of hours, 3 times a week, but that's enough to give Elsa and I a little time to grocery shop.

And I've been diving into a few projects during the last few weeks.  I have lots of stuff I'm excited to share with you.

There's a really cool Silhouette promo I'll show you on Wednesday.  I'm still working on Baden's room, but there are projects to show soon.  And, I'm changing the family room, which is almost done.

As I said, the schedule here will be a little more laid back but I'm excited to be back.  I needed a break and a lot of baby snuggle time.

Thanks for hanging with me and coming back, too.  I sure appreciate it.


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