Layered Tee Minus the Layers – DIY Style Tips

Layered Tee Minus the Layers - DIY Clothing

First of all, this is more of an idea-giver than a tutorial. I promise to be better about more thorough tutorials, with lots of pictures, but this one seemed pretty simple. I love the look of layers, but I hate wearing five hundred shirts. On this shirt, I sewed in a mock tank top. I … Read more

5 Ways to Use an Engineer Blueprint – DIY Designs

5 Ways to Use an Engineer Blueprint

As you’ve probably seen in blogland, Engineer Blueprints from Staples have become a big thing. Why? Because you can print a huge 2’x3′ poster (black and white only) for only $3. Mostly, it seems that people use them for family photos but there are a LOT of ways to make use of them. Here are … Read more

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The “Big Boy” Playroom Part 2 – DIY Fun Room

The Big Boy Playroom

The other day I showed you all the pegboards in the playroom and a peek at the other side of the wall. Well, here’s the full report on the other side. The brown furniture is a family hand-me-down. My dad had it in his dental office when I was little. I broke up the pieces … Read more

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Photography Tips Part 1 – How To Take Pro Photos

Photography Tips

I’ve had a lot of photography-related questions roll in lately, so I wanted to do a few posts about taking pictures. If you’re already a pro, then you have the next couple of days off. If you’re interested in taking better photos, then I think you’ll like the next few days. Here we go! The … Read more

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