Top 10 Best Kids Foam Chair 2024 – Top Picks

Comfortable and functional seating is very important for your children. Finding the best foam chairs for kids available is what we do best here a SatwalkKids. There are so many choices of kids seating, why have reviewed many types to make it easy to decide on which one is suitable for your child’s needs.

To make your life easier we will share with you the most comfortable and highest quality kids foam furniture pieces such as large sofa type chairs and reclining or rocking items. It is crucial to have a comfortable soft chair in a kids bedroom to encourage sitting down to read a colorful educational book, do some coloring or any other activity that promotes educational development.  If you are looking to get a soft and comfortable foam furniture piece for your kid then continue reading our guide.

Considerations When Choosing a Foam Chair for Children

Shape and size – The size will always depend on the age and size of your child. Smaller chairs can be used by children as young as 2 years old to 4 years old. Some chairs are higher off the ground, so you will need to make sure your child can reach it and is tall enough to reach the seat. If you are considering the shape of the chair, make sure you think of what it will be used for. If you are getting a one for your child to sit and calmly read a book, then a small comfy classical chair will do. If you are getting a chair for your child to play in and climb all over it then it is better to get a wide sturdy furniture piece that is plain and safe to play. We love cute animal-themed chairs for kids so if you are looking to brighten up your sons or daughters’ room then a comfy foam animal-themed chair is a great choice.

Durability – It is very important to get a soft chair that is long-lasting and stable if children are going to play on it. Most chairs have a wooden frame and then they are filled with foam for softness. The foam filling is the most important component of kids’ soft chairs. Make sure to buy a chair that has high-density compressed foam that feels very thick and not too soft and flimsy. High-quality foam filling will ensure that the kid’s chair stays in shape for many years.

Foam chairs for kids

Washable – If you are concerned of the foam seat getting wet and dirty then we would recommend looking for one that has a removable and washable cover. Another option is getting a chair that has a water resistant cover kids, which is easy to wipe clean. If you are looking for a fun animal shaped chair for kids that also has some plush fur then definitely look for one with removable cover.

Types of Material – Most of the foam chairs hold their shape because of the great quality of foam and the material that is covering it. The chair cover has to be from a fairly thick and easily washable material to sustain numerous hours of child’s play. We recommend looking for a very well made polyester, cotton or vinyl textiles to cover your kid’s foam seat. Be conscious of that only vinyl is easily wiped clean if you choose any other material to be sure to get a foam chair with removable and machine washable cover.

Range of Colors – There are so many colors to choose from when it comes to kids furniture. Brands that make kids playroom furniture always include lots of vibrant colors and patterns either with animals or abstract shape. If you are looking to get a seat for your child’s bedroom there won’t be a problem, there are kids chairs out there of any color. It is always best to honor your kid’s wishes and get something in the color they love the most.

Types of Filler

The main filler of soft kids chairs and bean bags is compressed foam, which can also be called memory foam. It is made from polyurethane which is very dense and thick. This foam was first used by NASA in 1966 and now we use it in everyday items. Another type of foam you might have noticed is CA117 Fire Retardant Foam which is chemically treated foam material to comply with California’s law to prevent fires in households. Many people debate whether fire retardant foam is all that healthy for children to play with daily.

Kids Foam Chair Reviews

Find out which are the best kids foam chair in the following text:

1. Convertible Children’s Foam Chair

A really interesting piece of foam kids furniture that can be converted into 3 different shapes: chair and ottoman, lounge bed or all stacked up during playtime. We love the design for kids to curl up for reading time and relax after energetic playtime.

It is made out of sturdy polyurethane foam and is super easy to clean, just wipe clean with a soapy cloth. Therefore, any 3 year old child or above can play on this amazing chair without causing parents any stress.There is a secret use of this kids furniture item. Your child can use the ottoman as a table. If the whole family is watching TV and kids are playing on the ground they can use the ottoman to put a small bowl of popcorn on top or other snacks. Don’t worry about keeping this item in the living room with your current furniture because it blends in really well and the colors are very vibrant and attractive.

ECR4Kids Softzone Flip-Flop Convertible Children's Chair, Blue and Sand

2. Oversized Foam Chair for Kids

A comfy foam armchair for kids that looks classy and is made from very firm and high quality foam filling. Having said that, it is super lightweight and can be carried and pushed around the house if your kid decides to rearrange his or her furniture. This foam armchair has a cover that can be removed and washed if necessary.

You are going to love the size of the chair, it is perfect for 3 year olds, 4 year olds or older. It is a really fun oversized chair that children will have for many years and will grow with it as 13 year olds can easily fit on the chair. It is also the perfect lounge chair for kids because its spacious size allows them to put their feet up and curl up reading a kids book. The cover is made out of very durable soft canvas material that is not scratchy and machine washable.

Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Brown Kids Chair

3. Soft Kids Armchair with Animal Print

This chair is much more durable wooden frame armchair for children and is covered with soft foam. This is a wonderful and colorful pick for kids that is great for teaching children how to sit up straight and correct their posture. Because of the sturdy wooden frame kids will sit correctly and won’t hunch.

We definitely recommend this kids chair for kids from 1 years old to 5 years old. It is possible to add the plastic leg to the chair when kids grow taller so there is potential to use this chair for 7 year olds as well. Another great thing about this kids soft chair seating is the cover which is made out of organic cotton and linen and it is an off-white color, so does not show any dirt spots. In terms of cleaning, the cushion is removable and easy to clean. Perfect chair for training your kids how to sit down properly after a long playtime.

Emall Life Kid’s Armchair Children’s Roundy Chair Cartoon Sofa Wooden Frame (Animals)

4. Personalized Kids Chair with Foam Filling

A unique foam kids seat that can be personalized to have girls or boys name embroidered on it. It does specify that they can embroil up to 9 characters. This personalized chair is made with great quality high density foam that is surprisingly lightweight, durable and has a handle so that kids can move it easily around the family house. We would definitely recommend it to kids of all ages.

What we love about foam kids chairs like this, is that they have no sharp edges and the micro-suede cover is removable and machine washable. It is a spacious chair so that children can either sit up straight or cuddle up with their feet up while flicking through a book and relaxing.

Jaxx Julep Personalized Kids Chair - With Custom Embroidery, Blueberry

5. Kids Foam Rocker Chair with Footrest

This kids rocker chair is a different take on the classic rocker chair. It is exceptionally well made, durable and sturdy for 3 to 7 year old kids to sit on. The bottom of this kids chair is curved for rocking. It is made out of fire retardant thick foam and the microfiber cover is easy to clean. The manufacturer states that the foam can hold up to 88 pounds.

We have to say that the chair is very sturdy but lightweight enough to move it around the house yourself or children. Another great thing about this foam rocker chair is that it looks fantastic in any living room setting as it is a cute kids version of a fancy lounge chair with a footstool. A great kids furniture products to add to your family house to make it look so much more adorable.

Flash Furniture Kids Orange Microfiber Rocker Chair and Footrest

6. Kids Foam Elephant Chair

This adorable foam elephant chair is a great way to add character to your sons or daughters play room and encourage them to adopt this cute animal friend. The Foam furniture piece comes with a removable fabric cover that can be machine washed and put back using a child free zipper. This chair is very soft and is safe to use for children from 18 months old and older.

The light structure helps children move this chair wherever they want in the house but it is still sturdy enough so that your child won’t fall backward with it. The best part about this cuddly chair is that it comes in other animal shapes such as an owl, bear, fox and a dog, so you can collect all the adorable animals!

Sweet Seats Adorable Elephant Children's Chair Ideal for Children Ages 2 and up, Machine Washable Removable Cover

7. Premium Organic Kids Foam Chair

This is a special quality children’s blue chair made with a handmade wood frame, covered with high density foam and wrapped up in an organic cotton fabric. The beautiful rich navy blue with white trimmings will look incredible in any of you living room settings. It is a perfect chair for 4 year olds or older which also includes a decorative pillow.

This kids chair is made extremely sturdy and will straighten the back of any hunchback kids. We also need to mention that the chair legs are made completely of wood with gliders to protect the floor. It is very spacious and allows children to toss and turn if they need to. This is a perfect and special gift for your little one.

Keet Premium Organic Children's Chair, Navy

8. Polka Dot Foam Kids Chair

A classic foam lounge chair for children’s playroom, bedroom and living room. This kids chair is especially comfy as it is made out of durable foam that is still super soft. This is a particularly popular kids furniture piece because it is simple and adorable at the same time.

Kids will be so happy playing, reading, and coloring while sitting on this chair. The chair is spacious enough to accommodate 6 year old children or two 4 year olds. It also has a carrying handle on the back to make it easily portable.Flash Furniture Small Lavender Dot Kids Chair with White Piping

9. Kids Foam Recliner Chair with Cup Holder

A luxurious kids chair that is made out of high quality sturdy hardwood frame filled with high density foam and covered with vinyl upholstery. It is an adorable kids recliner chair that comes with a cup holder to keep the juice while the kid plays on his or her iPad.

It is a wonderful piece of furniture that can be quickly wiped clean with a damp cloth and it can also hold up to 90 lb of weight. It will take only up to 5 minutes to assemble and it is very easy to prop the recliner up. Kids love having a midday snooze on this chair and the greatest thing about this foam recliner is that you will always know where your child is – reading, playing or napping on the chair.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Beige Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder

10. Pink Kids Lounge Chair with Pillows

A slightly larger foam cushioned chair for 7 year old kids and older. Included with the chair are two adorable quilted pillows that complement the furniture piece. We love the 70’s inspired round shape which still looks very cool and vibrant in your kids bedroom.

Parents will love the material and will be happy to know that the cover is removable and can be machine washed. If you need to remove a little spot it is best to do so with mild soap as the polyester canvas is easy to clean. This comes in pink and blue with accent pillows that will totally brighten up any room. It is also lightweight enough to be moved from room to room if necessary, which is like a bean bag chair.

Throw Back Chair

Best Budget Kids Foam Chair

Keet Premium Organic Children’s Chair is the best product for the price. This affordable kids seating is very durable and made from completely organic and natural materials to help your child grow in a healthy environment.Keet Premium Organic Children's Chair, Navy

Best Overall Chair for Kids

ECR4Kids convertible chair, filled with foam, is an amazing piece of furniture for a kids room. There are so many possibilities of play and relaxation, don’t forget this can also double up as a table for children to eat snacks while watching TV shows on the floor.

ECR4Kids Softzone Flip-Flop Convertible Children's Chair, Blue and Sand

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