Ultimate Guide: Best Puzzles for Kids 2024

Finding a cool jigsaw puzzle for your child can be difficult and with thousands of puzzles to choose from it is challenging to decide where to buy a jigsaw puzzle from. Getting a good quality puzzle near me has always been a challenge and we have come to a conclusion that here at StarWalk kids we explore Amazon, which is the best place to find great deals on all items country wide because prices are always cheaper online than in stores at the mall.

We have reviewed a big variety of puzzles in this comparison review to help you choose a puzzle for a child aged from 6 months old all the way through to toddlers and even older children 9 years old to teens.

Boy working on Puzzle


Consideration: How to Choose the Right Puzzle for Your Child

There are lots of choices of brain puzzles for kids, which is why having a complete understanding of what is available will help you find the ideal gift for your child. Puzzles for kids can be of more than one type therefore we recommend to read our explanations to make sure you pick the right one for your child.


The Review: Top 30 Puzzles for Kids

Below we have reviewed 19 different types of puzzles for children of all ages and made it simple by providing an age guide. There are many unique features and you will definitely find something for you child in this comprehensive guide for parents.

2 to 5 year olds

Alphabet Puzzle Mat

A fun puzzle toy to teach your 3 year old how to recognize letters and numbers. If your toddler is not yet ready to sit down with a teacher and learn the alphabets this is a great way to introduce your little one to creating words while playing. Because it is full of so many colors it will grab any child’s attention for a very long time and compliment the colorful interior of any nursery.

We love this mat and would highly recommend because it was made from non-toxic materials specially for kids and it is a great soft floor cushion or pad for infants and toddlers. This word floor puzzle is also great for kids that know the alphabet but love word game. This toy puzzle would make a great second or third birthday gift.

colorful alphabet mat for 2 year olds



Galt Giant Floor Puzzle 

A large floor puzzle suitable for children of 3 to 6 years old can be a great choice for a birthday gift. The puzzle is 24” x 36” in size when assembled and every parent will be delighted that it is made from wipe clean surface. It is a huge puzzle filled with so many fascinating jungle animal illustrations which allows children to be completely lost in their own fantasy world while playing.

This floor puzzle for kids includes 30 puzzle pieces and 8 animal templates cut out of the puzzle so that children can learn how to think on their own and find the right place for each piece. We guarantee that any young girl or boy will love playing with this top quality puzzle.

Giant Floor Puzzle Galt jungle animals


Wheels on the Bus Sing Along Puzzle

A wonderful way to encourage your toddler to be creative and have fun with this interactive floor puzzle. Once this 12 piece jigsaw puzzle is completed your child can sing along to Wheels On The Bus sound module and learn this timeless nursery rhyme. The puzzle illustration features a cartoon school bus and lyrics of the favorite nursery song which can be the first few sentences your 2 year old learns to read.

We at BuzzParent love encouraging children to be creative and we think singing is a great skill to develop from young which is why we love this puzzle with a sound module. Putting this jigsaw puzzle together will also help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

floor puzzle wheels on the bus singalong


Wooden Cube Puzzle for Children


This cute puzzle for kids is a classic children’s toy and we have all had one growing up! What a wonderful idea to put 6 different pictures on cubes so that children can discover new puzzle pictures with every turn. This is our favorite cube puzzle for children, since it comes in top quality durable wood 16 cubes and it also has a wood tray which will keep the puzzle pieces in place. This is on of the greatest wooden puzzles for 5 year olds or younger which includes adorable six farm animal pictures.

This puzzle for kids could be a great birthday present for a little girl or boy that are not quite ready for jigsaw puzzles but have shown a lot of curiosity towards it. We trust Melissa & Doug kids toys and this kids cube puzzle is very well made and well thought out. We love the storage tray detail since it will help keep your child’s toys organized.

Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Cube Puzzle With Storage Tray


3 in 1 Educational Puzzles

This gift set will help your child learn and memorize with fun puzzle games for kids. This is the best early learning puzzle kit that has 50 educational pieces designed to teach pre-schoolers spelling, numbers and learn about community helpers. Get this puzzle set if you want to teach your child basic skills such as number and shape recognition with a proven picture method.

Kids that are 3, 4 and 5 year old will get lots of value from educational puzzles before starting school as it will already give them basic knowledge and developed ability to lea

rn and study. We love this toy set for kids because it is completely portable and comes in a box that has a handle which makes it very convenient to carry to kindergarten or friends house.

3 in 1 educational puzzles for kids toy gift set


Solar System Floor Puzzle

A wonderful educational jigsaw puzzle to teach toddlers about out solar system. This 48 piece floor puzzle features extra thick cardboard pieces that are easy to be picked up by 3 year olds and an easily cleaned surface to keep it looking brand new. You will literally need a lot of “space” to assemble it as it measures at 2 x 3 feet when completed. This solar system jigsaw puzzle has beautiful vibrantly colored illustrations of planets, sun, moon and some beautiful sparkly stardust.

Get this educational puzzle about space to help develop your kids hand-eye coordination and teach them about Earth and its place among other cosmic objects. We definitely recommend this original artwork puzzle as a children’s birthday or Christmas gift.

Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle


3 Frozen Jigsaw Puzzles 

This is such an amazing gift for any girl or boy that are obsessed with Disney’s Frozen. This set of 3 include amazing quality 49 piece puzzles that will be a great present for any 6 years old. The puzzle illustrations include Anna, Elsa, Olaf and even Kristoff with his reindeer companion Sven.

Each puzzle is 8” x 8” and can be quite tricky because they have similar blue color tones to challenge children’s skills. An important thing to note is that the puzzle pieces for the 3 pictures come all together in one bag and you have to separate them out yourself which, in our opinion, add more excitement and challenge to the assembly process.

Ravensburger Disney Frozen puzzle box set of 3



Walking Dinosaur 3D Puzzle

This is more than just a wooden 3D dinosaur. This long neck dinosaur toy comes to life by walking and roaring when kids clap their hands. This walking dinosaur 3D puzzle assembly will get the whole family involved and bring so much fun to all.

This 3D dinosaur puzzle robot will be a big hit with 8 year old girls and boys. Wowood Toys have always been very safety cautious and this 3D wood dinobot is made out of top quality environmental, eco-friendly and kid-friendly real wood. We would recommend this three dimensional puzzle for its incredible quality and architectural design which makes this dinosaur move in a very realistic way, while the wood pieces hold together very well.

sound activated wood 3D dinosaur toy


Learn USA Map Puzzle

This is a great puzzle for kids that are learning the geography of the USA, 50 states and the state capitals. It is a very well made and designed kids wooden puzzle that has very bright and inviting colors. This educational puzzle has capital names on the wooden base of the puzzle and children have to match the shape and the state to the capitals.

We love how well thought out this kids map puzzle is and would recommend it as the perfect gift for kids since it will encourage the development of their tactical and problem solving skills. Each puzzle piece is designed to be easy to lift and grip therefore any children from the age of 3 can enjoy this colorful and fun puzzle.

Learn USA Map Puzzle for kids


Dollhouse and Palace 3D Puzzle

Pretty pink and purple 3D dollhouse puzzle set for girls that are 6 years old. Each 3D puzzle for girls includes 100 high quality cardboard with foam core puzzle pieces, furniture pieces, play figurines and easy-to follow instructions. We recommend this as an affordable alternative to a dollhouse for girls since it won’t be a waste when your daughter outgrows it. Alternatively, you can get this three dimensional puzzle set to check if you daughter will love playing with a dollhouse and then get a big dollhouse for her.

The purple 3D dollhouse puzzle features four rooms, two floors, detailed porch and a quant fenced yard and stands 11 inches tall once assembled. The pink 3D palace puzzle features prince’s figurines, horse-drawn toy carriage and a beautiful grand piano, all fit together into a 14.5 inch structure. It is important to note that it is not required to use scissors or glue to assemble these 3D structure puzzles so you can leave your little girl to it without worrying about her safety.

Puzzle Kits Set: Pretty Purple Dollhouse and Pink Palace 3D



3D Puzzle Ship Set

An insanely detailed 3D ship puzzle by CubicFun which will exceed every child’s expectation and leave them in awe if they get this on their birthday. It is quite a big 3D ship construction and might take up to 4 hours to assemble. It is recommended for 12 year old and older but we believe that a skilled 9 year old would do a great job with this 3D ship puzzle, but might require some adult supervision and help.

This 3D boat puzzle is a perfect choice for kids birthdays or holiday presents and definitely has our stamp of approval. Get this puzzle to improve your child’s logical thinking and have a wonderful decoration piece once it is assembled one the custom presentation stand. You will be impressed by the unique puzzle piece slotting system this 3D puzzle ship has to offer and will not disappoint.

3D Jigsaw Puzzle The Spanish Armada ship boat


10 to 13 year olds

3D Neuschwanstein Castle Puzzle

A great 3D castle for 9 year old kids and older. We would recommend this for 3D puzzle beginners since it only has 128 pieces and does not require any cutting or gluing. CubicFun puzzles comes with a unique puzzle piece slotting system. This 3D castle puzzle would make a great gift for any girl or boy that loves constructing and is patient enough to take up this project.

As mentioned before, three dimensional puzzle is an educational toy that helps develop cognitive and logical thinking, strategic planning and special perception. 3D Neuschwanstein Castle Puzzle is truly an exceptional puzzle that is constructed with high quality foam core pieces, yet the shape and form of the castle remains very rigid and durable for long lasting entertainment.

Cubic Fun Neuschwanstein Castle 3D Puzzle Box


 United States Capitol Building 3D Puzzle

Here is one of the best rated LEGO 3D puzzle of the one, and only, Capitol building. With more than a thousand building block pieces, this detailed LEGO Architecture set of the most famous building in the US focuses on recreating a life-like national monument that features its famous columned white facade, steps, lawns and a removable dome to access the National Security hall interior. The unique thing about this 3D structure is that all of the LEGO pieces are precisely crafter specifically for this set and you will not find the standard LEGO pieces that everyone grew up playing with.

This puzzle is recommended for year old kids but have seen 10 year olds assembling it perfectly without needing any help. We believe that this 6 inch high, 17 inch wide and 6 inch deep LEGO set will challenge your child’s skills and patients, so don’t hesitate to get it for his or her birthday.


LEGO Architecture United States Capitol Building Kit Puzzle


Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle

If your kid is a Harry Potter fan you should definitely get this 3D Hogwarts Great Hall puzzle made by Wrebbit. This finely detailed three dimensional puzzle is made out of 850 non-toxic polyethylene foam pieces and stands at about 18.5″ tall. Manufacturers recommend this toy to kids over 12 years old and we definitely agree because it is a challenging piece of structure.

Great thing about this Harry Potter 3D puzzle is that you can combine it with the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower puzzle set which will give your children an amazing piece of Harry Potter world to play with at home. If you are looking for a themed gift for your son or daughter this themed three dimensional puzzle will not only be a fun project for them but also develop so many problem solving skills and attention to detail which are essential qualities to have.

WREBBIT 3D Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle


13 years old teens and above 

3D Hogwarts Express 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are looking to get your son the most challenging 3D puzzle then this Hogwarts Express kit is for you. With only 460 pieces this 3D train puzzle seems to be quite a misleading assumption. This is stunningly detailed train design and the end result is very rewarding and aesthetically pleasing for a three dimensional puzzle. It is another Wrebbit puzzle toy and as always, they have created best quality sturdy and tightly fitting puzzle pieces that are worth the effort of assembling.

Get this 3D Hogwarts train puzzle to any 14 year old that loves constructing and is very good with attention to detail. One of the biggest challenges your child will face while constructing this 3D kids puzzle, are the black and white instructions that only include images and not much text explaining how to do it, but we see it as an exciting challenge to assemble this fantastic product.

WREBBIT 3D Hogwarts Express 3D Jigsaw Puzzle


Minions Jigsaw Puzzle


Get this impossible Minions puzzle if you want to experience a true challenge or test the patience limits of your teenage son or daughter. This jigsaw puzzle is for very advanced puzzle enthusiast and will take weeks if not months to assemble because all of the pieces are either yellow, eyes or a touch of blue from the minion trousers. Despicable Me jigsaw puzzle is a great choice for a birthday gift for 12 year old children and older, many adults struggle to complete this puzzle so warn them about the challenge before gifting.

If you decide to take the Minions puzzle challenge, then we recommend you set a time for it every day and don’t spend more than one hour on it because it will be too nerve wracking. Make it a fun family activity to help each other assemble the impossible 1000 piece puzzle and when you finish you can frame it and have a wonderful 27,17 x 19,69 inches picture on your wall as a reward.

Clementoni Minions Impossible Puzzle


3D Taj Mahal Puzzle

A classic 3D puzzle for a pre-teen that is interested in architecture and wants to work on a challenging project. Before you start assembling make sure you give yourself enough room and lay the puzzle pieces out on a large table since the completed 3D Taj Mahal puzzle will have dimensions of 16.75 x 17 x 12.75 inches. Don’t be discouraged by the challenge of this Taj Mahal puzzle as it comes with very handy instructional diagram showing how all the puzzle pieces fit together and if you lose or miss any puzzle pieces you can request replacements!

This is such a valuable birthday gift for any 13 year old since they will get so much more than just a three dimensional puzzle – they will have a wonderful decoration piece to show off their efforts once the Taj Mahal is completed.

3D Taj Mahal Puzzle


Best Overall Puzzle

Wowood walking 3D wood dinosaur puzzle is a wonderful gift choice for any girl or boy. Get this 3D dinosaur puzzle for children to stimulate their sense of curiosity and playfulness and help develop their essential skills. This large 3D dinosaur puzzle for kids is also a fun activity for the whole family. This wooden dinosaur roars and walks whenever you clap loudly so don’t for get to show it off at the next big family gathering!


Walking Apatosaurus Long Neck Dinosaur 3D wood puzzle

Best Budget Buy

If you tight on the budget but want to find the perfect gift for kids, there is nothing better than this wooden cube puzzle with storage tray. It is an exceptionally well made and branded children’s puzzle that looks much more expensive than it is! We recommend this as a present for any child over 3 years of age.

Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Cube Puzzle With Storage Tray


Types of Puzzles

3D Puzzles

Three dimensional puzzles have always been a favorite of mine and my kids love them too. Square puzzles are usually most common, but there are a range of 3D types to choose from. You can get simple 3d puzzles or more difficult ones depending on the manufacturing age recommendation.

Material – When choosing a 3 dimensional puzzle it is important to pick the best quality one you can get. We love 3d wooden puzzles because it is a sturdy material which will keep the puzzle shape for much longer than any other material would. The most amazing puzzle you can get is a large wooden 3d dinosaur puzzle that, once assembled, is a fun decoration piece. Our best advice is to never get a  3D soft plastic puzzle if you want to display it at home. If you are buying a 3D puzzle for toddlers, then do consider getting a toy puzzle that is soft and made out of non-toxic materials specially for 3 year olds or younger.

a child fighting a 3d wooden puzzle dinosaur

Shape – The most important feature of a 3D puzzle is its shape, form and size. The only reason you are getting a three dimensional puzzle is to challenge yourself in creating an amazing new shape with small puzzle pieces. If you want the hardest challenge, we would suggest 3D castle puzzle or 3D puzzle cities because you will have millions of tiny puzzle pieces to somehow figure out how to put together into a beautiful medieval building or a whole 3D cityscape. Other popular shapes include a 3D globe puzzle or vehicle shapes such as a 3D truck puzzle. Cubic 3D puzzles are usually for children younger than 5 years old, together with 3D alphabet puzzles.

eiffel tower 3d puzzle assembly


Kids Floor Puzzles

There a several children’s floor jigsaw puzzle types and out favorite are themed puzzles, which are great if your children are really into the latest characters on Disney or Pixar. We highly recommend looking for the Minions floor puzzle as it is a wonderful example of themed jigsaw puzzles for kids.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Classic Jigsaw puzzles are made from flat oddly shaped pieces that when matched and interlocked form a beautiful image. The best thing about puzzles is that they are for any age children or adults. Kids Jigsaw puzzles are often quite easy, and the images are not too detailed but rather filled with bright block colors and clear lines to be easier to match. Teens can find extreme difficulty puzzles that are made out of thousands of small pieces. It really depends on the skill and age of the child get them the right jigsaw puzzle.

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

The best kid friendly jigsaw puzzles are usually with cute animal images because it is very gender neutral and a great way to promote problem solving development if toddlers are going to get a fun image as a reward. One of our favorite animal themed jigsaw puzzle for kids is a dolphin puzzle because the blue tones of the sea and dolphin itself soothes, calms and helps any hyperactive children to focus. A fun way to get your young children to be interested in jigsaw puzzles is with a dinosaur puzzle. Big bright images of dinosaurs will encourage your curious little boy or girl to assemble all the puzzle pieces and get a rewarding image.

Number Puzzles

Some jigsaw puzzles can be used as educational toys. A great way to introduce your toddler to numbers is through brightly colored and numbered puzzles pieces. Numbered puzzles are meant to be assembled in the right numerical order to get the right image or shape and teach developing children how to count. We highly recommend using puzzles to teach children about numbers even if the puzzle is just an image of numbers.

mother and daughter playing with 3-in-1 Educational Puzzles for Kids Toys Gift Set

Vehicle Puzzles

A great way to educate your kids about transport are automotive puzzles. Little boys are usually very inquisitive and interested in cars, trucks and other cool vehicles. Car puzzles for young children usually have pretty bright colors and educational features such as car part names. If you are looking for a truck puzzle for your boy or girl, then we suggest a 3D truck puzzle where your child can build a vehicle out of puzzle pieces. There is a wide selection of boat puzzles in the form of jigsaw puzzles with pictures of boats or 3D puzzles that let you assemble a 3D battleship which is a great choice for a birthday present for a little warship fan.

Word Puzzle 

A great way for your kid to play and learn at the same time are word puzzles with pictures. These puzzles have a stack of puzzle pieces with words and a stack of puzzle pieces with pictures and all they have to do is match them. A great way to improve first graders vocabulary or teach a 2 year old toddler how to speak and recognize words. A more advanced version of word puzzles are word building puzzles where you have to piece together each letter separately and spell the word that is in the picture.

word puzzle for kids

Wood Puzzle

A great way to promote kids learning and development are wooden puzzles. Often, a large wooden puzzle will have specific shape holes for a little one to find the matching shape and insert it in. It is important to encourage problem solving and cognitive thinking in young children as it will help them with learning in later years when they start going to school.

Picture Puzzle

More advanced jigsaw puzzles are usually picture puzzles that can have quite a challenging set up and require more skill to assemble. Alternatively, real picture puzzles are a lovely way to customize puzzle picture for your child if you do not like any puzzles on the market or if your girl or boy wants a specific puzzle to play with.

Themed Puzzles

You won’t be surprised that the most popular jigsaw puzzles for kids are themed puzzles and mostly have animated Disney or Pixar movie characters and current kids TV shows on the final picture. It is always a good idea to get kids toys with their favorite tv characters because it is guaranteed that they will be excited to play it. Believe it or not themed puzzles can be very challenging, for example, minions puzzle has hundreds of yellow and blue little minions and 1000 pieces to really challenge yourself. There are some fun themed 3D puzzles like Frozen globe puzzle, avengers 3D puzzle and some with Pixar animated character pictures.

Top Puzzle Brands

Wrebbit 3D Puzzle

Established in 1991 Wrebbit are pioneers in three dimensional puzzle making and are masters in it. What makes Webbit stand out are the quality of the puzzle pieces which are made out of non-toxic polyethylene foam to make the 3D structures exceptionally sturdy. We have to warn you that Webbit puzzles are largest of their kind and have the  highest piece count compared to other brands which is a challenge. The most astonishing thing about Webbit 3D is the design of each puzzle which is usually a detailed well-known classical building such as Big Ben, Taj Mahal, Neuschwanstein Castle, Empire State Building, La Tour Eiffel, Sydney Opera House and other historical landmark replica’s. Recently, Wrebbit have partnered up with Warner Bros and made realistic Harry Potter 3D castles.

wrebbit 3d diagon alley harry potter puzzle

CubicFun 3D Puzzles

Another amazing three dimensional puzzle maker that originates in China and produces a wide range of puzzles that are inspired by world famous architecture. CubicFun is one of the main competitors for Webbit as both companies make the most lifelike and realistic 3D buildings and structures. We would recommend CubicFun for their  3D childrens puzzle line CubicKids kids as young as 3 years old all the way up to teens. CubicFun is available on amazon for US customers and provides more affordable and easier puzzles than Webbit 3D.

LEGO Architecture

We know you are wondering why we are including LEGO into a puzzle review but if you think about it LEGO structures have always been 3D puzzles. We want to specifically mention LEGO Architecture which is a LEGO 3D puzzle line that has specific puzzle pieces and instructions how to assemble well-known buildings similar to the previous 3D brands. This is a perfect gift for girls and boys over the age of 12 years old that loves a something challenging to assemble.

Puzzles with 100 pieces up to 10,000 pieces

The main factor determining puzzle size and difficulty is the number of pieces it is made out of. Of course, you all know that the more pieces a puzzle has the harder it will be to assemble it, since the puzzle illustration will be divided into tiny fragments. If you are thinking of getting a beginners puzzle for your toddler it is a good idea to get a 50 piece puzzle for kids and make sure it has educational value and puzzle pieces are made out of kid-friendly material. 100 piece puzzles for kids are recommended for children a little older than 5 years old. Jigsaw puzzles above 200-400 pieces are considered challenging and are usually made for kids older than 11 years old, including large 3D puzzles for kids.

If you are thinking of buying a 1000 piece puzzle for children make sure it is going to be suitable for their skill level. We recommend 10 000 piece jigsaw puzzles, or more, only for teens or hobbyist adults that are fans of assembling puzzles because it is a big challenge and commitment. All in all, puzzle difficulty depends on how many pieces it contains and the difficulty of the puzzle illustration which should be considered before gifting a jigsaw puzzle to kids.

puzzle with more than 40 000 pieces ravensburger jigsaw

Age Guide – When Can babies do Puzzles?

Baby puzzle games are a great way to interact with them and help their development. Since babies do not have a developed hand coordination yet, your best choice is to get your baby a colourful floor puzzle with big soft puzzle pieces. We recommend getting a soft floor puzzle that could be used as an infant floor mat at the same time.  We love baby floor mat puzzles that have colorful pictures or letters and number to introduce children to recognize these essential objects when they are young. Other puzzles suitable for children would be in the form of soft toys that can be connected or disconnected but there are more toys than puzzles, so we will not discuss it in this review.

baby playing with baby puzzle with numbers

Reasons to get your toddler a Puzzle?

Puzzles are one of the best ways to engage toddlers into educational and fun play. In general. Jigsaw puzzles for toddler are fairly simple and have big brightly colored pieces to attract the attention of the child and keep him or her playing for longer. Jigsaw puzzles for toddlers help with motor skills and development as it requires kids to make decisions on how to connect the puzzle pieces and make sure they solve the problem if a puzzle piece does not fit correctly. We would highly recommend to start with 4 piece puzzles for toddlers.

Puzzles for 1 year old children are mostly made out of wood and requires children to place an object in an empty space on a picture. Best choice for a 1 year old are wooden puzzles for toddlers that have a cute farmhouse scenery and include cut-outs of animals to place in the right place in the puzzle picture. Best puzzles for 2 year olds are more advanced and possibly 3D puzzles that involve more advanced shapes and illustrations. We recommend cubic block puzzles for 2 year olds where they need to turn each cube to form 6 different pictures.

Puzzles for 3 year olds are much more advanced and a great thing about it is that there is a huge selection of puzzles for 3 year old toddlers on the market. Most companies that make puzzles have recognized that 3 year olds can be exposed to more educational puzzles. There is a big variety of children’s puzzles for 3 year olds that teach them how to make words, count or play with fun themed puzzles such as star wars puzzles for toddlers.

What Are The Best Puzzles?

Like any other kids toy, puzzles are a great way to entertain your child. There are so many types of puzzles you can choose from for a 4 year old and older. We love themed puzzles such as Peppa Pig puzzle, Star Wars puzzle of course and any Pixar animated movie character puzzles are always very popular. A great way to keep your child occupied are jumbo puzzles for kids that not only are large piece puzzles but also are very large in size when completed. For example, a great puzzle for 4 year old boy could be a jumbo puzzle with a road illustration that cover most of the playrooms floor so he can play with his toy cars for hours on the completed puzzle.

child completing a puzzle on the table with a lot of puzzle pieces

If you are looking for a puzzle for 5 year old boy then we recommend getting a large 100 piece jigsaw puzzle with his favorite cartoon characters like Marvel’s Spiderman puzzle for kids or go big and get your son a 3D Spiderman puzzle. If you have a daughter and want to spoil her on her 5th birthday then we recommend getting her a three dimensional puzzle. CubicFun has released amazing 3d puzzles for girls with adorable little dollhouses made to be a fun building activity and then can be used as a real doll house for girls.


Puzzles for Older Children aged 11 to 13 years old

There are so many exciting puzzles for children older than 9 years old. Most 3D puzzles are suitable for children over 10 years old and you can find such an amazing variety of these puzzles out there. We would recommend starting with wooden 3D puzzles which could be either a wooden dinosaur puzzle or a wooden vehicle puzzle – these are the most popular. Best 3D puzzles for 10 year olds are realistic war ships or trains. You can even get a 3D Titanic puzzle .

Jigsaw puzzles for 12 year olds are one of the most challenging puzzles out there and same applies for 3D puzzles for 12 year olds. Of course, you can get different difficulty level puzzles for 12 year olds but overall manufacturer recommended age for most jigsaw puzzles that have more than a thousand pieces are for this age group. An exciting thing is that 13 year olds can get the amazing  3D Taj Mahal puzzle by Wrebbit which is one of the most difficult three dimensional puzzle.