Easy Science Kit Experiments for Kids

Simple experiments and kits for kids are fun and an educational way to keep them busy all year round. Inspiring your children to keep learning can often be difficult, however, discovering how fun science can be will make encouraging your child to learn easy. Most of these experiments are very easy but parental supervision is always recommended. The best way to get your child to love science is to show them how much you love science yourself!

Easy experiments for kids to make science fun

Regrow food from scraps. Take some plant science and reduce your waste in one easy experiment. Green onions grow super fast and will be the best option for younger children. Lettuces, other onions, and potatoes are also quick to regrow. Take the root ends of your leftover scrap veggies add a little soil and water and see which ones regrow. Celery and other vegetables can also be regrown from using only the root end. Make sure to let your child help decide what meals their regrown vegetables should be used in.

Play with your food. Most children’s breakfast cereals are fortified with iron. Use a magnet and let your child discovered just how much iron is in their cereal. Will there be a magnetic reaction? This easy to do the experiment is a wonderful breakfast time educational start to the day. Let your child see if they can get the cereal to move around using only the magnet. Try large, medium and small magnets to see which ones make the biggest impact.

Awesome Boy Experiments

Airplane aerodynamics. This fun experiment is one that every boy is sure to love. Fold a piece of paper into an airplane and chart the flight path. Next, alternate bending different corners of the paper airplane to see how the flight path alters. Document accurately like a real scientist would. See if your son can streamline the airplane to make it fly faster or farther.

An egg-cellent idea. Build a container for an egg to protect it from breaking and then see if it works by dropping the egg into the container from a height. Try to do this outside to minimize the cleanup. Bonus points for using only household items. Which items protect the egg best? How many eggs do you break before you create a successful egg protector?

Cool Girls science Experiments

Sundial recreation. See if your little girl can recreate the time telling technology of yore by building a sundial. Start by placing a stick straight up and down in the ground. Surround the vertical stick with rocks to mark each of the hours. Check out how accurately it tells time and document carefully. If your daughter feels inspired, she can paint the numbers on the rocks around the vertical stick.

Periscope up. Take a used milk carton and carefully position some angled mirrors inside of it to create a homemade periscope. See how far she can see above and behind her by adjusting the mirrors. What happens if you tape two milk cartons together?

A love of learning and science begins at home. Spend quality time with your children working on these fun science experiments.