7 Science Kit Ideas for Kids to do at School in 2024

The best way for kids to truly understand science is to make sure that they have some fun projects to do. These are 7 science kit ideas for kids to do at school that you can put together yourself. A great idea for science fair or show and tell these activities will entertain your kids while they learn.

Kids Egg Experiments

Eggs are fun for kids to experiment with and they’re easy to come by. Not to mention inexpensive. Pack the eggs in a sturdy egg carton for your child’s journey to school. Make sure to pack enough eggs for several tries at each experiment in case of breakage.

Make a floating egg. With just water salt and egg and a drinking glass, you can put together a kit that will let your child make an egg float. When they fill the glass with water and salt they will discover that salt water is denser and makes eggs float.

Is the egg cooked? With this experiment, all you need is two eggs. One egg is raw and one is cooked. Make sure to pack them carefully so that they don’t get broken on the way to school. To determine which egg is raw and which egg is cooked all you need to do is spin them. The raw egg will wobble because it’s center of gravity moves as the raw yolk and whites change place while it is in motion.

Sink and Float Experiment for Kids 

Experiment with fluid density and surface tension with these fun sink and float experiments for kids.

Lava lamp. With this simple mixture of oil, water, and salt or a fizzy tablet like Alka Seltzer, you can show your kids that oil will float and sink depending on what’s happening with the fizzy tablet. As the oil moves through the water powered by the effervescent action of the table you get a unique lava lamp effect.

Floating paper clip. See if you can make a paper clip float with this fun sink and float experiment. Discover the power of surface tension by floating a piece of tissue on top of some water in a plastic bowl. Gently set the paperclip on top of the tissue. Next, poke the tissue with a pencil eraser to get it to sink. Watch as the paper clip continues to float on the surface tension of the water.

Parachute Experiment for Kids

With a plastic bag, string, and an action figure, your child can attempt to create a parachute. Try different shapes and sizes of the plastic bag to see what will slowly let your action figure float to the ground.

Quicksand Experiment for Kids 

After you’ve successfully managed to get your action figure to float to the ground, try to see if you can sink him or her and quicksand. With a little bit of maize corn flour, water, and a large plastic container see if you can stir the mixture up at the right place to make it the consistency of quicksand.

States of Matter for Kids

With this tasty experiment, you can discover when light and dark chocolate transform from a solid state into a liquid state. Put squares of chocolate on paper plates in different locations such as in the sun and in the shade. Record how long it takes for the chocolate to melt.