February 21, 2010

Dressed to Impress

In case any of you have missed it, there has been a lot of buzz in the craft/blogging world about making things for boys.  There are a billion ideas for little girls, but it's a little more work to find a fun project for boys.  I found a bowtie-making pattern on "Made."  I had already made some tie-shirts before (like the one on my little guy), but I thought it would be fun to make another to match big brother's bowtie.  There's a great tutorial on making the tie-shirt at Saltwater Kids.
Who doesn't love a cute little guy in a bowtie?  They are so easy to make!  Who knew?  I'm now set on making all my boys' ties (unless I see a completely irresistable one) from here on out!
These little guys are ready....for church...for a wedding....for a political career...you name it!


Taylor Swim said...

Those are too cute! I'm going to have to make some this instant. Thanks for the great ideas! Keep 'um coming.

dana said...

oh my! so cute to see both patterns together like that! Great combo. Cute boys. Thanks for sharing in the flickr group

Anonymous said...

I like the bow tie but I really love that tie on the little guy!

Unknown said...

So many talents, but such cute models. I love the bow ties. Will Jeff wear one? I love the bright colors. The picture of Rex and Bade is the best.

Cassie said...

SO adorable! I love the two matching little men!

Breck said...

I love the boys in the tie combo. What a great idea!


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