The Importance of Proper Installation: How to Install Your Infant Car Seat Correctly

Every parent will agree that their child’s safety comes first. However, it often happens that parents are not aware of the danger to which they expose their child if it is not properly secured while driving. A lot of them get confused additionally when installing the car seat in a proper way.

When buying all types of seats, you should make sure that the seat fits your child, according to height, body weight, and age. According to it is also very important that the seat is installed correctly, especially when using car seats for infants. There are different categories, as well as price ranges of car seats and boosters, so the installation will depend on what you buy.

Here’s what you should have in mind…

1. The right location

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As far as infants are concerned, the biggest confusion is about the front or back seat. It is highly suggested not to place seats in the front, since they are equipped with an airbag. The safest place for children up to the age of 13 (and for adults too) is the back seat.

2. Being informed

Before mounting, first, read the vehicle manually, and then the car seat manual. They will give you all the necessary information – in which position in the vehicle it is possible to place the car seat, whether the car seat can has a already built in system to be attached to, or does it have to be attached to the seatbelts only.

3. Right angle

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Just as there are two different paths, car seats often have a specific angle at which they should be placed, depending on the direction. Such car seats are generally those that have multiple positions of backrest inclination. In that case, you should place the car seat in the designated position, marked with some kind of indicators such as a sticker or balloon. Tip: Make sure the vehicle is parked on a level surface so that the indicators are more accurate.

Seat selection according to the age of the child

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The growth and development of the child is an important factor when buying car seats for children. In fact, it is the most important factor. Given the fact that you’re buying the first one right after birth, and  that babies grow quickly, age and weight is given as a guideline, because sometimes children of the same age can be bigger or smaller. Based on the weight, not just the age of your child, determine which seat group is appropriate. Here is an overview of the categories

The first category includes children up to 9 months old, and the type is usually position so the babies are faced to the back of the vehicle.

The second category refers to children up to 18 months of age, and are positioned the same way as previous category. Such a position is the safest one, because during potential risk, the forces that could injure the child are dissipated on the seat shell, so the baby is protected.

The next age group concerns children aged 9 months to 4 years, depending on your child’s weight. This category includes children from 9 to 18 kilograms, and this type of seat does not have a handle, is heavier than ordinary baby seats and is designed to stand in the car. These seats are generally installed in the direction of travel.

Also, seats from this group can have belts with 3 or 5 safety points or a safety cushion. This airbag mimics an airbag by absorbing the forces of a crash, thereby reducing the risk of serious injury. The pillow is placed over the child’s stomach and additionally fastened with a car seat belt.

Choosing according to the car model

If you got a new car and decided to buy a car that better meets the demands of family life, while you are looking for someone to buy your old car, you need to know that buying car seats for children should be in accordance with the model of the new/old car.

If you have decided to sell your old car, it is important to consider that the car seats for children match the new vehicle model. Before buying the seat itself, it would be ideal to try several models, to see if they fit comfortably on the back seat, if there is enough space for the child and if the seat can be properly placed in your car.

If the answer is yes, then you have found the model that suits your new or used vehicle.

Pay special attention when buying second hand

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We often opt for second hand due to the fact that some of us cannot afford to buy new. However, one should also keep in mind that safety should not be compromised for a lower price. Still, if this is your choice, you need to pay special attention to the correctness of those seats. An important thing to keep in mind involves the seat not being in a collisions before.

In addition, it is advisable to pay attention to the shelf life of the one you’re buying. As you’re going to be using it for some time now, it is in your best interest to check the labels in the back, and make sure they last.

Whether it is a child of only a few months or a child of a few years old, the seat in the car should be safe and the child should feel safe while driving. Due to the sensitive task that the seat has to perform, it is necessary to do extensive research and only then choose the right seat for the child in the car.