Different Car Seats Of Baby Love That Your Baby Will Love in 2024

When you are about to have a new life at your home, you might want to do full preparation before he or she arrives. As parents, new or experienced, you may likely be confused by all the options that are on the market today.

From forward facing car seats to travel seats – there is a lot to consider. If you just walk into the store there are lots of new products that you feel like buying for your kiddie’s safety and comfort.

Well, now you do not need to worry about what to choose and what to skip. Here is a guide of Baby Love car seats that your baby will need. Such as baby love EZY combo, EZY switch EP, EZY grow EP, Snap ‘n Go Baby Capsule, and more.



It is wise to consider a Babylove Snap n’ Go baby capsule as your baby’s first capsule. A baby safety capsule is extremely convenient when it comes to transporting a young baby without disturbing him.

The Snap n’ Go capsule section can be removed from the base, and with the carry handles it is easy to remove and carry the carrier. Furthermore the Snap n’ Go is ideal for connection with Babylove Travel System Strollers. Using both these products together gives you extended use, convenience, and flexibility, in short, complete value of your money.


COSMIC II is appropriate for the born baby till he gets approx 4 years old. COSMIC II is combined with safety technology and the latest in fashion designs and accessories. Thus, it is considered the revolutionary choice. Its compact size enables three restraints to fit in the back seat making it perfect for smaller cars.

Plus, there are large side wings for side impact protection and harness clips to hold the buckles open. There is inserted head snuggler and shoulder pads for your kiddie’s comfort. All these accessories make your daily trips more comfortable and easier to manage.


The EZY Fit II booster seat is ideal for children who have outgrown their seat with in-built harness till they reach the upper shoulder height marker. That means that this car seat will be useful to you until your toddler gets 6 to 8 year old.

It also has featured side wings for side impact protection and the removable cover which you can easily wash in the machine. The height-adjustable headrest with deep side wings offers maximum protection that will support your kid’s head while he is sleeping.


The EZY Switch EP is designed to accommodate a newborn baby through to 4 years. Start your baby’s journey rear facing. Your kid can stay rear facing until his shoulders reach the lower shoulder height marker or the middle height marker. After that, you can convert it to forward facing position until their shoulders reach the upper shoulder height marker.


The plush EZY COMBO harnessed booster is fitted with a padded liner for extra comfort. The large shape wings provide superior side impact protection. The seat is large enough to allow most children up to about 4 years of age to use the in-built harness and allow many children to use the in-built harness until they are 5 or 6 years of age. The EZY Combo is also suitable for use with the EzyGoTM Harness which you can buy separately.


These are the different car seats from BABYLOVE EZY. Their design specialists are committed to proactive research and development and offer the highest available quality in baby restraints, strollers, portable cots, rockers, accessories and more. You just need to find a reliable supplier and buy one according to your need.