March 09, 2010

"Be" Sign

Today's craft is a "Be" sign with a vintage look.  I wanted some inspirational art for our family room and I love vintage signs, so I wanted it to look old and worn.

1) I started with a cheap piece of plywood.  I choose one with a big crack in it so it would have a little more character. 

2) I brushed on my turquoise paint, but I watered it down so the wood grain would show through. 

3) I printed off the text I wanted in different fonts so I could have a guide.  I painted each phrase in a different color and in a different font.  I ran some of the words off the edge of the sign.

4) After all the words were done, I roughed it all up with some sandpaper and gave it a coat of this (but I watered it down big time.)  You could use any brown paint and just water it down.

5) I dry-brushed a little black paint on the edges and called it done.  Here's a few final shots.

And now you can see how it incorporates the same colors from the pillow I made last week and the rug colors, too.

I did the letters free hand and if you do the same, don't be overly-concerned about making them perfect.  I think the hand-painted look is charming.  Good luck!  Let me know if you try it!

Thank you SO much for stopping by.  Tomorrow I have a fun edition to the playroom.  Stay tuned!



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