6 Tips How To Protect Your Family From 5G Towers – 2024 Guide

While today, many of you aren’t even thinking about this issue, it will come to your area in the future for sure. It is the direction the world is currently taking. Commoners won’t be able to do anything regarding this occurrence, hidden behind technological advancements.

The companies behind the spread of 5G are mighty, and it is in their best interest to spread this network at all costs. But, this doesn’t mean we are powerless. There are many things we can do to better our future.

The frequencies of the 5G network can be radioactive, and we need to make this change which is dawning on our world into account. In this article, we are going to talk about how to protect your family from 5G towers.

The effects of EMFs can be handled and countered, and this is going to be the main talk of our text. Let’s divulge this subject, for our sake and the sake of our loved ones. The fight needs to start today, and these few lines of ours are an as good starting point as any.

1. Keep Your Distance from Sources of Radiation

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This is the first step towards safety from EMF radiation. If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones, it is best to avoid the direct sources of radiation. The laws of physics standing behind this claim are relatively simple – the further you stand from the original source, the damage it can cause to you is smaller.

You can stove off the radiation by even not keeping your phone close to you at all times or using headphones or speakerphone while communicating instead of keeping it close to your head all the time. While at this moment, 5G networks and towers aren’t available in all cities all over the world, soon enough, they’ll become the norm.

This is why it’s essential to learn this little advice now and apply them in the future. Trust us; we say this with good intentions as it’s not only about our mobile phones, but also about our computers, smartwatches, and all other devices relying on network and Wi-Fi.

2. Get off your Phone

Easier said than done, we know. Today, many of us are in dire need of using our cellphones every day, and in some cases all day long. It’s not that all of us are addicted, but imagining spending a day without a mobile phone is impossible for most people.

It’s just how things are, and we don’t see this trend changing. While you can’t leave your phone for good, you can at least try to minimize the time you spent close to it. What you need to do is to make timeouts during the day and stove off your smartphone as much as possible.

Experts even suggest that we should leave our phones altogether from bedrooms and dining rooms. During the day, try to keep them away at least five feet in the moments you aren’t using them.

3. EMF Protection Products

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Even if you haven’t thought about protecting yourself, luckily, some people did. It is a sad reality that in the near future, we are going to need protection from the 5G network.

The EMF radiation is real, and we really should be happy that companies such as EMF Harmony are putting effort into manufacturing and distributing EMF Blockers. With their product you can, not only protect yourself but also your home and your loved ones.

Considering how many products rely on the usage of mobile and Wi-Fi networks we have, we can say we are in grave danger. This is why it’s going to be essential to equip ourselves with the needed devices to counter the 5G network and its harmful effects.

4. Get Educated on the Subject

Knowledge is one of the most critical resources. The 5G network is a new term, and most likely, you don’t know too much about it. This needs to change in the future, and the moment to start is right now. There’s nothing much to think about; you just need to push yourself and open your boundaries to new knowledge.

This phenomenon will come knocking on your door anytime now, and you need to know at least the basics. Think for yourself as big companies pushing for this agenda certainly won’t.

5. Speak Out

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If you don’t have any 5G towers in your area, you can say you’re safe. But, what happens when you hear about the plans to build a couple in your own neighborhood. If this network is coming to your town, you are going to be in danger of EMF radiation.

This is when you need to stand up and speak up. The political figureheads that control your community can be talked to, and you can influence this decision. You won’t be alone as there are many anti-5G activists. A strong community can make all the difference needed.

Even if you can’t prevent these towers from coming near you, it is always possible to move them away from schools, kindergartens, significant working areas, and hospitals.

6. Avoid Smart Watches

While they can be considered smart, you can be even more elegant by not using them. After a thorough test, it was determined that these watches emit radiation continuously. We know that our cell phones spike in radiation when we are calling someone, but smartwatches are always continually radiating.

Smartwatches are designed in such a manner, and it is their purpose to monitor us all time long, and they’re directly connected to our bodies.

This is why the level of radiation in them is always high. You can immediately tell that this serves our health in no way. It is even worse to put them on our kids. If you start wearing one of those in proximity to a 5G tower, the levels of radiation are going to be insane. This is why the best route to take is to avoid them wholesomely.