March 15, 2010

Don't Forget to Floss!!!

My dad is a dentist, so pardon my nerdy sense of humor here.  Today I want to talk a little more about one of my favorite embellishments - floss.  Embroidery floss is a cheap, easy, and fun way to add a little personality to clothing.  It's thirty-seven cents people!  (That's why my mom used to buy it for me and my sisters when we were little so we could make countless friendship bracelets.)

You may remember seeing it on this t-shirt from last week.

You'll see it across the shoulders of this t-shirt this week.

You can sew messy lines, diagonal lines, x's, or anything on the edges and it always looks great.  It takes a little time, but not much concentration.  It's a great project to do while you're watching "Lost" or "the Office" or whatever show you dig.

While it doesn't require much of a tutorial, I want to show you one of my favorite places to put it.

I LOVE kneepads and elbowpads on shirts and pants for boys.  I don't sew my boys pants yet.  I buy them, so it's a little too hard (perhaps impossible) to sew those on already-made pants.  Here's what I do instead.

1) Get out some scrap fabric.  I used an old suitcoat for the one above and a thin old sweater for the one below.  Cut the out a rectangle.

2) Iron on some "heat 'n bond" to the fabric.  This will also make it easier to cut.  Once you have the heat 'n bond on it feels more like you're cutting stiff paper.  I like to wait until this step to perfect the shape of the pad.  I round the corners and make both pads identical.

3) Peel off the backing and iron them onto the pants.  Taaaadaaaahhhh!  Wasn't that easy?  Like cake!

You can add the floss before you even get out the heat 'n bond OR you can stitch it on afterwards.  When you do it afterwards, it'll take a little more sweat because you'll be stitching through a LOT of layers, but it can be done.

The elbow pads are just as cute - especially when you find a funky, fun print.  I'm hoping the kneepads will make his pants last when he starts crawling everywhere.

I know I say it almost everytime, but thank you so much for stopping by.  Your comments and input make my day.  Let me know if you have questions and have a great day!


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