March 29, 2010

Imposter Denim - more bang for your booty!

So fellow blog friends, I think it's time we get to know each other better.  Meet my butt.  Yes, now we are tight.  Okay, there is a reason I'm showing you my rear today.  Today we are going to make designer jeans for $22.37.  Yup, that's right.  Let me show you how.

So, what is the difference between pricey jeans and cheap ones these days?  The butt pockets.  Really.  That's the main difference I see.  So we are going to take these Wal-mart jeans and spice them up.  These were $20.  We're going to use embroidery floss, which is $.37.  (Hence, the $20.37)

I'm going to show you how I did this, but if you're going to try it, I will also tell you how you can improve on my technique. 

1) Cut out paper the size of your pockets.

2) Draw the design of your choice on the paper.  (Surf the net to find whichever brand you like to get ideas.)

3) Pin them onto the pockets and stitch over the design.

4) When you finish, DO NOT TIE THE KNOTS TO SECURE THE FLOSS.  Rip out the paper first because you're going to pull at the floss a bit as you rip the paper out.  See?

5) Never fear!  Just pull the floss along to tighten it all along the way.  THEN, secure with knots.  I added the messy little stitches along the top corner, too.  It's hard to tell in the pictures, but I used bright orange floss.  You could use any, white, you name it!

That's it, but as I mentioned, I would probably change the way I did it to make it easier.  I would cut out the actual shapes, hold them on the pants and draw the lines with a erasable fabric pencil.  That way you won't have to worry about the paper shifting around or not being able to see your real stitched underneath.  I would have done that, but my only fabric pencil is blue.  No good!

Thanks for stopping by.  WAIT!!!  I wanted to show you some of the fun projects YOU guys have made, so here's a little linky love.....

Look at the fabulous bleach pen/freezer stencil tees from Aly & Ash!  So adorable!

Danielle from Sunshine and Spilled Milk made a fabulous ABC book for a birthday present.  Don't you love the name of her blog, too? 

Jessi from Yankee Belle Home made the Robot Tee and a cool bleach/freezer stencil tee.  I love seeing the robot in different colors.  Great work!

Leca from Leca Unplugged made this cool biker tee for her son. 

Thanks so much for sharing guys!  It makes my day and I am totally impressed with your fun takes on everything!  You totally ROARED!!!  (Sorry for the cheesiness there :)


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