April 13, 2010

Little Man Apron

I've seen adorable aprons everywhere in blogland.  They have flirty ones for women and cute little girl ones with ruffles and frills.  However, I haven't seen a man apron yet.  I want my boys to learn to cook and to appreciate the work that goes on in the kitchen.  So, may I present the little man apron:

I found this little apron in the dollar bin at Target a while back.  I thought it would be fun to personalize it.

This was a great project for heat 'n bond.  If you haven't used it before you need to get some.  I iron it onto the swatch of fabric I'm using and then draw my design and cut it out.  Keep in mind that if you're doing a letter or something that's not symmetical, you'd have to draw it backwards here.  Of course I only drew it the wrong way here to show you what NOT to do :)  Anyhow, cut the shapes out, peel off the paper and iron them on.

I like to still stitch around the edges to a more finished look.  You're technically not supposed to sew through heat 'n bond.  They make a thinner product you're supposed to use if you plan on sewing over it.  (I've never had a problem, though.)

Here's the finished product.

Now he's ready to be put to work! 

(Sidenote: I remember when I was little and my mom would make us do chores, I used to think she just birthed us so we could do her work.  I thought it would be awesome someday when I'd have kids to do all my work.  Turns out I was wrong.) 

Thanks for stopping in!  I appreciate it!

Tomorrow I'm going to give let you peek at this cool giant display my sister and I have been making for the What A Woman Wants Expo this weekend.  I'm so excited about it!!!


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