April 29, 2010

Pillows for You and Me

I bought some long thin pillow inserts to make pillows for these two chairs a month ago and I've been trying to decide what kind of pillow to make.  I wanted to brighten up this side of the room with the turquoisey-blue and I had a little bit of fabric left from the "pull it all together pillow."  So, I decided to make these pillows just for me and you.

Here's what I did.

1) Measure the pillow inserts.  I don't like stuffing pillows with batting because they always look lumpy and cheap.  I coughed up the money to buy these so my pillows would look nice.  They're from Hobby Lobby.

2) I cut my fabric to the exact same measurements of the pillow.  (Yes, you'll lose some length with your seams, but you want it to fit nice and snug.)  The top blue fabric I made an extra two inches wider, so I'd have the space to add that opening.

3) Cut the blue piece into two pieces.  I cut mine off-centered.  Hem one side.  I created a little edging for the other side by ironing some of the muslin and making a casing.  I used the same casing to make a little loop for the button. 

4) Place the right sides against each other and sew your pillow up.  I pinned the opening so it wouldn't shift.  The nice thing about this style of pillow is that you don't have to leave a spot open to invert it.  You have the whole opening to work with. 

5) I did some freezer paper stenciling to paint on the words "me" and "you."  I wanted it to look a little faded, so I wiped most of the paint off the brush and then used it to paint on the words.  It kind of looks like the writing you'd see on a burlap sack.

6) Get your buttons ready.  They have these cool buttons at JoAnn's that look kind of rustic, but they are around $5 a piece.  No thank you!  I bought these large ones at Wal-mart for $1 each instead.  I painted them blue, then red, and sanded them a bit to rough them up.  This way they help bring in some of the red, too.  Yeah!  (I love red.)

7) Sew on your buttons, invert your pillow, insert the pillow part, and call your sister to tell her about these cool new pillows you just made.

I'll have a spot ready for "you" the next time you drop in.

We'll sit down and have a little chat and I'll be right here.

Thanks so much for coming by.  Hope you found something fun to try out.  Have a great day.  Tomorrow is a nice easy Feature Friday and I'll be posting some of the amazing things you've made AND I'll announce the winner of the Anthro-inspired necklace.  Woo-hoo!  See you then!

SIDE NOTES:  I'm going to try to answer these before you can ask.  The chairs are from Target.  The little side table is from Wal-mart.  The rug is from Target as well and they still carry it.  The plant is slowing dying....whoops.  I'm trying to help it make a comeback :)


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