May 17, 2010

Cool Cuffs for Boys

This is my handsome nephew. He is COOL. So cool that the kids attack him when he walks into preschool. BUT, he just got even cooler. See the manly cuff on his wrist?

See it now? Yeah. That's what we're making today - cool cuffs for cool kids.

Here's what you'll need.  I bought this belt at D.I. for a buck.  I think I can get a few bracelets out of it.  The hardware I found in the leather section at Hobby Lobby.  Of course, you need floss, too.  Wouldn't be a Cheri project without it.  Lastly, you need snaps.

1) Cut a strip from the belt about an inch longer than the circumference of his wrist.

2) Sew a straight line down at the edge.  You want it to fray a little, but not to come apart.
3) Insert heavy duty snaps.  The directions are on the package.

4) Hand sew floss on the edges.  I made it two strands thick, so it would be more visible.

5) Insert brads where you want them.  This is what they look like.

Shove them into the fabric and then fold the ends over.  I used a hammer to get them folded in tightly.  I didn't want them to stick up at all and irritate his wrist.  This is what the backside will look like.

That's it!

I love how it looks on his little wrist.

Want your little guy to look this cool, but don't want to make one? No worries. My sis and I are going to start selling little boy leather ones with the option to personalize them with a name. Details to follow soon!

Thanks for dropping in.


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