June 19, 2010

Sharing Saturday - More of Your Questions

Alright, we've got another round of readers' questions to be answered.  Tell us what you know, ladies!

1) I am looking for a great way to repurpose my older sons winter clothes into my younger sons summer clothes! Living here in AZ, we are in shorts/tees year round, but I need to figure out uses for those long sleeved tees before nobody in this house can use them!

2) Transitioning to big boy bed from cribby...when? how??

3) I need more toddler quiet toys (for church, doctors office, meetings, times when I want him to sit on my lap and be quiet). I have a 2 yr old that isn't interested in coloring yet and I'd rather not buy a ton of cheap toys he won't be interested in. Help??

Thank you SO much for sharing!


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