June 19, 2010

Sharing Saturday - More of Your Questions

Alright, we've got another round of readers' questions to be answered.  Tell us what you know, ladies!

1) I am looking for a great way to repurpose my older sons winter clothes into my younger sons summer clothes! Living here in AZ, we are in shorts/tees year round, but I need to figure out uses for those long sleeved tees before nobody in this house can use them!

2) Transitioning to big boy bed from cribby...when? how??

3) I need more toddler quiet toys (for church, doctors office, meetings, times when I want him to sit on my lap and be quiet). I have a 2 yr old that isn't interested in coloring yet and I'd rather not buy a ton of cheap toys he won't be interested in. Help??

Thank you SO much for sharing!


seven thirty three said...

Bed transition- When they are ready! My son moved into his big boy bed when he was 29 months. We made it a goal. Once he was potty trained he could have his big boy bed. He really wanted that bed so he worked hard and boom - we hit two birds with one stone. However, I had a niece that was 18 months (!) in a big girl bed and I have a neice that was 3.5 before she had one. If they are jumping OUT of their crib, then it is definitely time!

Anonymous said...

old clothes transer:
www.dana-made-it.com search for the 90-minute-shirt tutorial...i've been making soooo many of these for my boys! you may need a little extra fabric, but it's worth it

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

1. You could make cut-off shirts (like cut-off shorts) but that all depends on how crafty you are. I know I wouldn't try it.
2. For both of my kids (almost 4 and almost 2 now) we took one of the side rails off the crib and put on a toddler rail. We aren't lucky enough to have one of those transistion cribs (3 or 4-in-1 cribs) so we just took the side rail off and had a toddler bed rail we stuck on very securely (even though it wasn't reccommended for use on a crib). It's worked pretty well for us. DD (the older one) had to be out of the crib before DS was born, so she was about 22 months when we did it, so she didn't feel like the new baby was taking over her space. DS is the same age she was then, but we still have him in the crib, but that's mostly because it's easy, we have it, he can get in and out by himself, and we don't have another twin bed for him. Yet.
3. My kids like books. And those small MagnaDoodles. Even though DS isn't really interested in coloring, he does like the MagnaDoodles. If you are really crafty, you could always make your own quiet book, though they take a lot of time. It also helps us to have certain toys that can only be played with at church, doctor's office, etc., so the novelty doesn't wear off.

Natalie said...

Shirts: We'll use our long sleeve shirts as pj shirts in the summertime. Or you could even cut the sleeves off & use them as play shirts for the kids.

Bed: My oldest son moved out of his crib at 29 months only b/c his baby brother was born & he had no choice. My middle child was closer to 2 b/c he would climb outof his bed all the time. We put him straight from crib to twin bed with no problems. I put off changing my daughter for as long as possible. She never climbed out of her bed, seh still took naps. I figured why fix something that's not broke. Finally at almost 3, I changed the crib to a toddler bed. We told her the crib was for babies & she wasn't a baby anymore. She was fine with that until she fell out. We took a body pillow (which happens to be the exact length needed) & strapped it to the side of the bed making a full rail. Worked perfect & never had a problem after that.

Toys: Magna Doodles are awesome. What about an etchasketch? My kids always loved a slinky too.

Katie Olthoff said...

Look at all those bed answers already! I love Saturdays!

Nestvold Family said...

2) My son was 22 months old when we moved him into a toddler bed but he never really slept in the crib he was always with us in our bed. I was pregant and my belly was taking over his place in bed. I struggled with how to get him to stay without me laying with him. The best advise that I found online was to set up bedtime rules the suggested ones were 1 stay in bed. 2 be quiet. 3 try to go to sleep. We used those they seemed short and sweet and to the point. We went over them every night. My next problem was him getting out of bed and I felt like all the advise was so negative. Everything said to put him back without talking to him, looking at him or giving him any kind of attention. That didn't work for me so I choose to reward him for following the rules by laying with him in his bed for about 1 to 2 mins at a time. At first I had to go often maybe every 3-4 mins but as he got used to it I langthened the time. He loves to get to have mommy lay with him so that really workes with him! Good luck!

M'Lynn said...

this had nothing to do with the post, but i've my saturday morning looking around your blog and am so inspired...thanks sister!

ltmommy said...

My two cents:
1) Knits don't ravel when you cut them off. So I say just cut the sleeves off the long sleeved shirts to make them short-sleeved, and the bottom half of sweatpants too. I did this with a bunch of sweats for my boy, this is especially good since he seemed to outgrow the length before the width. A scissors works ok, but a rotary cutter is better. The ends might curl up a little after you wash them.

2) There are so many ways to do this and such a wide range of times - sometimes the first kid gets booted out of the crib at 2, while the last kid is still in at 3 - even after he/she is potty trained. What worked for us was going straight from crib to twin bed, but then putting up a baby gate at the bedroom door.

3. I like playdough for restaurants, a little messy but holds their attention better. Also we have a puzzle from the dollar store that we keep in a plastic bag in the diaper bag. I also think Bendaroos are good. If I get really desperate (ie at the doctor's office waiting to get shots) I put TV shows on on my cell phone. I have friends who have kids apps on their iphones, but I don't want my kids to get too used to using my phone!

Jessica said...

I have linked up 2 posts from my blog. In both of them I have shortened long sleeves into short sleeves. Maybe that will do the trick.
My daughter is 27 months and is still in her crib. She has never tried to climb out and loves her crib. I have her big girl toddler bed in the garage for the first time she gets free:)


Amy said...

2) I agree with a lot of the others on the bed issue. When ever works for you and the child. My son was forced out of the crib at 22 months. We changed the crib to a toddler bed for 2 months and then at 2 we made a big deal about getting a big boy bed. He never crawled out of bed in the middle of the night. We put up a side rail on one side of the bed and pillows on the other to keep him confined.

3) We have done playdough, books, matchbox cars, and those shoe string sewing kits. You could easily make one of those to keep in the diaper bag or your purse.

Emily said...

The quiet book I made is a life-saver for our 15 month-old on Sundays. I used a pattern from Simplicity to make my first one, but for round two I've been looking at this blog for tons of inspiration: http://quietbook.blogspot.com. The nice thing about quiet books is that you can make them as simple or as complicated as you want!

Another fantastic idea I saw someone using during church on Sunday were scripture pictures printed out on cardstock, laminated, then backed with felt. With the felt backing they could stick to the back of the pews or on the lower part of the wall!

Unknown said...

re #2 - we transitioned both our children from crib to bed around 2 1/2 yo. both children had the luxury of having relatively large bedrooms - large enough to fit a crib and a bed. so, for month we had a bed set up in the room near the crib and we had some very special toys (that they had wanted/requested for a while - jessie & bullseye for my girl, cars toys for my boy) that "lived" in the bed... they were allowed to play with the toys - only in the bed. soon, they decided they were ready to sleep in the bed with their new toys. :)

re #3: besides the coloring books and cheerios, we used to have a playmat similar to this one:


and a tube of dinosaurs... and for us, there was a "sunday" bag that was only used for church... so, they didn't get tired of the toys... it always seemed refreshing for them to see it on sundays.

Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

I am in AZ too and have that same problem, since my two girls were born in completely opposite seasons- long sleeves are in abundance right now! www.makeit-loveit.com has lots of shirt refashioning ideas. Chopping off the sleeves a bit will give you extra knit to sew onto other shirts for a little extra something!

CK said...

Wow! I had a bed/crib answer but it looks like that one was already answered! I just have to say that my oldest transitioned to a toddler bed at 11 months and my second baby (who is 16 months) is still in a crib. You just do what works best for which baby so don't stress if your transition to a bed isn't just how you imagined!

As for a quiet toy, my sister made these really great temple themed toys found here:


S said...

I am getting ready to transition my 22 mo old to a twin bed, so thanks for the tips! Thinking I need to buy a bed rail.

I have to second the magna doodle for doctor's office, etc. It keeps my little one occupied and I'm always glad when I bring it.

Andrea said...

#1- You know those shirts that look like a short sleeved layered on top of a long sleeved shirt? I just cut the long sleeves out... Why I didn't do it a few months ago, I'm not quite sure.

#2- I wish I could help! My 2 year old slept in his "Big boy bed" for a few nights til he fell out and now all he wants to do is have stories in it and then get in the crib...

#3- I have a special church bag with a mini magnadoodle (He loves it, even though it is black and pink. I had to have it and it was the last one!) I found a little set of "Nemo" magnets that the case opens up and has an ocean scene. We have some bugs that you "sew" the laces around and I'm making him a little I-spy bag right now. I'm putting little screws, washers, and nuts in it. I also found some buttons at WalMart that are trains, cars, and planes. Just fun little boy stuff to find in it. Hopefully that will make sundays a little more calm!

iammommahearmeroar said...

Okay, I want in on the action ,too!

1)There are a lot of great links people have listed. Ruffles and Stuff has a lot of great repurposing tutorials, too. You could easily cut off the sleeves and sew on a little cuff to make it look more finished.

2) Rex made the switch at 18 months, so he wouldn't think Baden was taking over his spot. We talked up the new big boy room and got him a satin pillowcase. (He has a strange obsession with satin.) We had a railing so he couldn't fall out. He made the transition perfectly, but a month or so later he realized he could get out whenever he wanted to and I had to learn to be okay with him falling asleep at the door. You'll probably have to put up a gate or something eventually to keep your little one in. My sister has a little alarm that sounds when they open the door and it scares them a little and they get right back in bed. Kind of funny. Anyhow, good luck!

3) My church favorites:

- Aquadoodles (It's a plastic coloring page that turns colors when it's wet. It comes with a little marker that you fill with water. You can use it again and again since the color leaves when it dries.)

- I loved Homemade by Jill's car caddy and made one that Rex loves.

- Anything magnetic (as long as your child is big enough to not put things in the mouth). Rex had a little stack of magnets that we'd take places. We'd out them on both sides of his tie and let him find places where they stick. Also, Bakugans work well for that. I don't know the show or anything about them, but they make a great quiet toy. They come with a little card that has metal in it and when the ball hits it, it opens up. Very cool at any age.

Okay, I blabbed on and on there. I'm stopping now. You get to hear enough from me on a daily basis!

HILLARY said...

I'm in AZ too! As for the suggestions on the clothes, shorten the sleeves and use the scraps for something, bean bags, dusters (for the boys) so on
As for the crib I would wait as long as possible. My oldest was 20 mo only because we needed the crib but I think she would have been in it til she was potty trained! That's just me.
And this is on of the things I did for a quiet book. http://thisismydepartment.blogspot.com/2010/05/family-picture-book.html
I also have one with the Mormon ads in it.

Christian said...

3) if your toddler likes magnets you could use an old cookie sheet for travel magnet fun. Also, my son loves trying to lace things so lacing cards are always fun.YOu can make your own by using a picture and punching holes all around, then a shoelace to bring through the holes. its good for them to learn coordination.

Saras Scraps said...

I agree aquadoodle, play dough are good for us. My kids love flash cards and board books too.

LE said...

Wow! So many awesome ideas! I can't wait to try them out. One question, Cheri- what is the Homemade by Jill's car caddy? It sounds fun! Can't wait to start getting more projects going.

iammommahearmeroar said...

LE - Here's the link to the one I made and that post has a link to Jill's also.


Unknown said...

1) I make some cute sweat "shorts" for my 5 month old by cutting a pair of sweat pants into shorts and then using Cheri's techniques of freezer paper stenciling and "flossing" to customize them. Stenciling stripes or rugby style numbers onto cut off sweats might be cute for older kids too?
2) my child is 3 and still not sleeping in his bed without major efforts (aka bribes - just had to endure a Chucky Cheese lunch as reward)
3) wish I could offer advice on this subject, but as far as I can tell, 2 year old boys and quiet just don't go together. Or at least for any extended length of time.

Laura said...

#2- My little guy moved to a toddler bed at 18 months. Our second son was born when #1 was 15 months (surprise!) so we knew we'd be needing the crib. The new baby slept in our room till he was six months. #1 slept in the crib converted to toddler bed for three months so that it was still "his bed" and we weren't just dumping him out so new brother could move in. Then at 21 months, we moved the six month old to the crib and #1 got to sleep in a real big boy bed! We use a twin size mattress on a platform style frame...no box spring...so it's low to the ground still. He LOVED both the toddler bed and his big boy bed and still does! The transition from crib to toddler bed at 18 mos actually helped a TON. Prior, he would wake in the middle of the night and cry till someone came in. After making it a toddler bed, he started sleeping through the night with no problems. My husband and I chalk it up to the idea that maybe he didn't think he was "trapped" any more. Either way, worked great for us! #2 is now 16 months, still in crib and LOVES it. We're in no rush to get him out right now, so like others have said, it's different for each kiddo!

Kendra Goodrich said...

For kids quiet toys I love STICKERS. He's not much into coloring (a little now more than he used too though) but he has always loved putting stickers on pieces of paper. I usually get big books of them at the dollar store or at the dollar bins at JoAnn's/craft store. Just make sure they aren't the tiny ones because they are too small for clumsy hands. Also he loves the eye spy bag we have, and of course books he loves.

Courtney said...

I have a great "Quiet" toy for kids that works well for car rides, dr. visits, shopping carts etc..... They are a soft fleece I Spy bag that lets children squeeze the pellets around to find hidden objects. It's perfect for young kids too that can't read because there is a picture along with the item word. It also has a detachable card that a parent can hold and ask there child to find the item. Check them out here http://www.etsy.com/shop/DaisyChickDesigns

I hope this helps some people out there! By the way I LOVE your blog and have enjoyed reading it and trying some of your awesome ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

1. You can easily cut the sleeves off long sleeve shirts to make them into tank tops or short sleeves. If you have a sewing machine, just turn the edge of the sleeve under and do a quick zig-zag stitch. Knit material doesn't fray, though, so even stitching it isn't needed, but it looks better. You can also find a tutorial for turning t-shirts into boxer briefs if you want to go that way!

2. I think you will know when your child is ready! My son was a bit over 2 and he was a great sleeper. I just sorta figured he would be happier in a big boy bed. Plus, he was potty training and I was worried he wouldn't be able to go potty if he was stuck in his crib. We haven't looked back!

3. We have a "Find It" toy. It is awesome! Google it and you will see what it is. I have seen homemade ones. You can collect small objects (beads, pennies, balloons, rubber bands, etc.) and drop it into a zip lock bag, then fill the bag with rice (you can even color the rice - look online for directions) and seal it up. You can make a card with the names of everything in it, but our kids don't care. They just like searching for everything. It keeps them nice and quiet while waiting.

A'n'G Johnson said...

1. besides cutting sleaves to shorter lengths. on some shirts that just have really cute designs - why not cut them out and sew them back onto whatever clothing item you want as patches?!

3. An easy toy to buy or make are the little bean bags that have one side of a clear material. Inside the bean bag are little toys and buttons and such to play I Spy with when you squish the bag around!

Kris said...

Make a felt quiet book if they like books.

Jessica said...

Thanks so much for this post. My daughter is turning 2 this week and I tried her in a toddler bed and it just didn't work. So she is back in her crib.
Also about the church toys. I've found that if I have certain toys for Sunday my daughter is more apt to play with them. I have a I Spy Bag, a felt Noah's Ark book I got at Dessert Book, a magnadoodle and I also made her a colors quiet book. I've also made her a book about Temples and Jesus from those small pictures.
I'm currently in the process of finishing up a ABC quiet book and some file folder games. There are some great churchy ones about Noah's Ark, Family Trees and matching things online. I'll be posting about them soon on my blog. So check it out in the next few days to get an idea of what I'm talking about.



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