July 01, 2010

Photography Tips - Part 4

Today is our last day of photo tips!  I have to warn you that this post has a LOT of pictures in it!  I wanted to share some ideas for taking photos.  Now, these are mostly kid-oriented because it's always my kids (or nephews and nieces) that I'm taking pictures of.

There will also be a link of photography resources at the bottom of the post.

Before you start paging through the photos, I want to share my philosophy when it comes to photography.  I love REAL photos.  I'm not a big fan of posed, perfect pictures because that's not what my life is like.  People don't all wear denim, forced smiles, and stand in perfect formations in real life.  I love capturing who people really are and what they love.  That being said, on to the ideas!

I love just a plain close-up of a child's face with no distraction.  It's great when you can catch his or her real face and not a posed smile.

For a baby photo shoot, I bought flowers and spread the petals all over the ground.

I love photos from the back.  You can't see their faces, but I love seeing dad and son love.  This picture reminds me of a parent's job.  We're kind of like tour guides through this world.

I took blocks to spell out my nephew's name on this one.  I recently bought some vintage blocks at an antique store and I can't wait to take a sleeping baby picture with the name in front in blocks.

Chalk can be really fun for photos.  Also, anything the child is really into.  This little girl is obsessed with her mommy's shoes, so I wanted to get a shot of her stomping around in them.  Bean is her nickname.

I really like to take off-centered photos and then put text in.  I'm not a scrapbooker, but I love having the memories directly attached to the photo.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  (If you aren't LDS, you might not get this one.  Let me fill you in.  Boys serve 2-year missions when they are 19 in our church.  We have a cute song that says, "I hope they call me on a mission when I have grown a foot or two.)  My nephew  is wearing his daddy's suit and mission tag here.

Who doesn't like a silly picture?  You can buy these goofy old school glasses at the dollar store.

On the street where you live.  When we were moving, I wanted to get a picture of Rex on the curb by our old street number.

Now this is very real.  I love letting Rex lick the bowl after I bake something.  He gets pretty into it.

Last summer we were playing outside and I saw our wet footprints on the concrete together.  I wanted to remember playing with him outside.  I love his teeny print. 

Treats are a great way to get a child to hold still and they can even be photo friendly.  I found this lollipop for $1 at Wal-mart.  He liked it.  Can you tell?

Music has always been a big part of my life.  Baden fit perfectly into my guitar case, so I wanted to snap a shot of two of my loves together.

Have a stuffed animal your child loves?  My sister and I thought her son looked pretty cute dressed up to match a sock monkey.

Bright colored props can help a picture.  I bought this chair for $2 at a thrift store and spray painted it orange.  I love it for pictures.

Once again, I love the less posed pictures.  I shot while my parents talked and giggled.  Aren't they sweet?

I thought Rex looked pretty cute on our doorstep.  It's a fun photo spot, too.

One more ideas, but no pictures to show.  A series.  Take your child's picture at the same place or in the same chair as they grow.  I take a picture of my kids in the Costco cart when we go there.  I don't have one from every trip there, but quite a few.  It's fun to watch them grow as you page through the pictures.
Whew!  You made it through all of that!  Now on to the links.  Here are some of my favorites.

I Heart Faces:  They have tons of great tutorials for photoshop and elements.  They also do a fun themed contest each week.  This is a great, fun sight.  Just look through the weekly winning photos for ideas.

Coffee Shop:  Great tips and tutorials and tons of free actions if you have elements or photoshop.

Momtog: A fun blog with good tips for mom's who love to shoot.

Tara Whitney:  Incredible photographer who really captures who the people are.  Love her and everything she does.

Picnik:  You know what I'm talking about after this week.  I've used it for a long, long time now and I think the paid subscription is well worth it.  Even if you don't make the purchase, there are a billion things you can do with it.  Plus, it's so easy. 

Classes:  If you bought your camera at Inkley's or Ritz Pix or a store related to them, they usually offer free classes.  TAKE THEM!!!  I did and I learned a ton.  Well worth your time.  They can help you understand all the technical stuff that will allow you to feel like you know how to really get your camera to work for you. 

If you have a photography-related site you love and I didn't mention it, feel free to list in in your comment.  Let's share the photo love!  Tomorrow I'll be back with a photo-related Feature Friday.  See you then!  Thanks!


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