July 19, 2010

You dressed him in WHAT?

I wanted to share the tutorial for my SYTYC entry last week.  Our theme was Dollar store crafts.  I wanted to make something useable.  I headed to the dollar store and was excited to see they had onesies there.  I picked up a pink one, two dishtowels and made this.

The only problem was I didn't have a girl baby the right size to model is for me, so my sweet little Baden had to suffer through this.  He's a real trooper (and he can't talk enough to defend himself.)

Okay, so here's the how to.  The best part is that I didn't have to hem anything.  I utilized all the existing hems on the towels.  Here we go.  Sew the two towels together.  Create two equal length strips from the towels - one longer and one shorter.  I'm not going to give you lengths, because it depends on what size you want the skirt to be.  You could probably make a skirt ranging from baby size up to a 3T with two towels.

Now that you have the two strips laying out just like a skirt, flip up the top layer (follow the pictures) and sew the two layers together.

When you've sew them together you should be able to flip them back over and have it look like this.

Now you'll sew it into a skirt by matching the edges up.  You can sew the two short layers together.  Then sew the long layers together, but leave a one inch gap at the top.  Sew around the top of the skirt and inch down to create a casing for the elastic.  Lace the elastic through it, sew the elastic, and then sew the gap shut.  (Your elastic should be a little smaller than the waist of the skirt wearer.)

That's it.  Then I sewed on some extra moda crochetted ricrac trim I had and a few buttons on to the onesie to bring all the colors together. 

Now you've got a cute little number that only cost $3.  Bam!  (That sounded like a good sound effect to use here.  If you don't like it try Wham!  or Woo-Baby!)

Once again, it's a new week and you can stop by SYTYC to vote.  This week's theme is baby gifts.

Thank you for reading my blog.  I think you're cool.


  1. Ok... so I am totally cracking up at you and using Baden for your model... but I did the same thing for my Corbin when I needed some girly infant hats modeled for my etsy shop! :oP

    They won't need (too much) therapy, right??

  2. What a great idea!!! So cute too.

  3. LOVE IT!!!
    I cant believe how cute it is just for $3!!!

  4. Hahah. I just talked about doing this the other day on Ravelry. There is this really cute dress I would love to make but don't have a girl to make it for. Well, I thought that I could dress my 5 month old in it during the day while his dad is at work. The 2 year old doesn't have the vocabulary to tell on me (my famous last words).

  5. a) his little scrunchy face in a skirt cracked me up
    b) SO CUTE! I love the outfit and will go vote immediatly
    c) You're pretty darn cool yourself

  6. That's so cute! I love the trim on the onesie. I never would have guessed the skirt was once a couple of dish towels. Look how manly your little guy looks, even though he's wearing pink and a skirt!

  7. AWESOME! I've put my son in a tutu before because I needed a model, much to my husbands dismay!

  8. Too cute - it is also nice to know my kids wont be alone on Oprah lamenting all the things their Mom did to them!

  9. Anonymous19.7.10

    therapy is good for kids anyway :)

    I LOVE it. I'm totally going to make one!

  10. These are pictures to save for his future senior prom date! Haha - nice job!

  11. HAHA, that's so awesome! Great idea. I did the same thing to my little boy last Christmas. I made the cutest tutu for my niece and needed to size it. I put it right over a football onsie he was wearing and of course took a picture. Classic.

  12. Okay, so I was laughing out loud just at the subject line and then got to the picture of Baden and his super scowl... too funny!

  13. LOL. Too funny. Definitely the kind of picture someone will see 40 years from now and say "why were you dressed in girl clothes?" Very cute =)

  14. great tutorial, lovely project. i love the crochet trim at the tshirt as well. really cool!!

    soo...i am inviting you to link it up at our DIY TUTORIAL linky party http://www.finecraftguild.com/diy-tutorial-linky-party-6/
    so our readers can find you and your blog!

    weekly linky, so you can come back every week with some tutorials and we’d love to feature you!

    btw tell your little boy he's a good sport!


  15. That look on his face is soooo funny!
    I can only think of what he will say when he is old enough to defend himself :)

  16. Ha I loved this entry for SYTYC and I love it even more now that I know the model was your baby boy! Ha that cracks me up!

  17. Baden's face is priceless - while he can't talk the scowl says it all.

  18. I like the little necklace effect.

    Cute Little Baden. Loved the line that he wasn't old enough to defend himself. :-)

  19. I had a feeling that one was yours...great job!

  20. That is super cute!!! I love the idea of using a dishtowel!

  21. Too funny! Save those pictures to show his prom date!


  22. That was Sweeeet! I think Bade is telling you what he really thinks with that scowl of his.

  23. Hilarious. I make my boys pose with girly stuff all the time, too. :) This is a great project! I'll be linking soon at Dollar Store Crafts.com

  24. Okay, I have a post scheduled for saturday: (link will work when the post goes live) http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2010/07/make-a-3-onesie-dress/


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