How to Choose the Right Piano for your Kids

Deciding on purchasing a new piano for your child is not as easy as first thought, as I am sure your now becoming well aware, there are different sizes, shapes, range of keys, electric or acoustic and this list could go on for a while, however I have decided in this review to trim down the possibilities and make a list of the best piano’s for kids.

Being a mom who has learnt several musical instruments over the years I have fund the piano to be one of the best to learn and when learnt has the ability to set the foundation of learning for all other musical instruments. This is why I wanted my children to learn the piano and felt the need to thereafter to share my experiences and tips here, because it really can be tricky for those first time buyer as we all were at one time or another.

I remember having questions about pianos like:

  • Which piano is best for my kid of 8 years?
  • Which piano do I buy, acoustic, digital or electronic?
  • What’s best weighted keys or not?
  • How much should I spend on my kids first piano?
  • Should I get a full size piano or not for my child?
  • Do these toy pianos help with their development as a potential future piano player?
  • What is the correct amount of keys for a kids to learn with?
  • Is acoustic gonna drive the family crazy, if so, is digital or electric better?
  • What are these color coded pianos all about?
  • Is the Hammer on strike with weighted keys too much for their littler fingers?

This list could go on and on and on….But I will spare you going down any further thoughts of worry and begin with providing some solutions to the seemingly never ending questions of piano-inquiry.