August 18, 2010

The Shelf I've Been Waiting for...

I'm going to give you a little background information on this project.  Over a year and a half ago I wanted to put in a large shelf on our main wall.  Our house has lots of windows, so there isn't a lot of wall space to hang things up.  However, there is this one big wall and I dreamed about a Pottery-barn-like shelf with knick-knacks sitting on it.  I mentioned the idea to my parents, who were about to leave on their mission.  My mom made me promise to wait till they got back so my dad could do it.  ( I think she envisioned me destroying my walls by trying to do it by myself.)  Now they are back and I waited like I promised.'s the shelf I dreamed about.

The corbels (those pretty things holding it up) were the most expensive part.  The actual shelf my dad did in a very budget-friendly way and it cost under $15!  He has serious skills.  The wooden shelf was meant to match the beams we have on our ceiling.  Not a bad match, huh?

Now let's talk about the corbels.  While I can't show you how to build the shelf, I can show you how to make the corbels look antique.  I bought them at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  They were black to start.  They got a coat of white spray paint.  That's my wonderful dad.

Then I used this tool (which is actually a scraper from Pampered Chef and worked perfectly) to rough up the white.  Rex helped out with that one, too.

Lastly I mixed some khaki paint with water and brushed it on, wiping most of it off.

And now I have a place for all my knick-knacks and I couldn't be happier about it.  Thanks, Dad!  I'm sure I'll be arranging and rearranging for a while until I think it's perfect, but that's all part of the fun.

Now is family room is complete.  Recognize anything from previous tutorials and posts?  There's the quote side table gift, the appliqued pillow, the you and me pillows, the Be sign, and the dry-brushed frame.  And I'll answer before you can ask.....the rug is from Target and so are the leather chairs.  The ottoman is from John Paras here in Utah.

Thanks for looking.  Tomorrow I'll be showing you Rex on his first day of school.  I made him a cool shirt to sport on the big day.  See you tomorrow!

ADDENDUM: I have since published a post with a basic how-to for the shelf HERE.


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