August 21, 2010

Soapbox Saturday: Roar on Etsy

Some of you asked if we'd be selling out little man cuffs online and the answer is "Yeah, baby!"  We just uploaded a bunch of them to my etsy shop, "Roar."  Here's a little preview of some of them.
They range from sizes to fit a one year old to a twelve year old. 
I also still have a few name patches left, from THIS POST idea if you're interested.  After that post I made Baden a shirt that says "Lloyd."  It makes me laugh everytime I see him in it.  (He also wiped out the other day if you're wondering what's up with his little nose.)

That's it for today.  I just wanted to share the news.  Thanks for listening!  You can visit the etsy shop HERE.  Have a great weekend.


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