November 30, 2010

The Second Day of CHRISTmas – the good deed advent

As I mentioned before, there will be a couple of guest bloggers this week.  We brainstormed about our ideas so we didn’t repeat any.  I had an advent I wanted to make and then Christie (from a Lemon Squeezy Home) mentioned the idea of a service advent and I thought that was a great idea.  So, taking her idea and taking an idea from a bucket advent I saw a couple of years ago from Land of Nod (which I would link you to, but they don't sell it anymore)….here’s the good deed advent.


Instead of just getting candy each day, there is a slip of paper in each bucket listing a service to be performed.  (The candy comes after doing the good deed.)

Christmas is more than a celebration of the birth of Christ, but a celebration of His life.  I believe our adoration of Him is best shown by our emulation of Him.


I’ll share our list with you in case you want to make one.  That way you won’t have to come up with 25 things on your own.

I made the list with Rex in mind.  I wanted them to be things he could do as a three year old (with a little help at times).  Here we go.

Write a letter to a loved one.

Gather some toys to give away.
Find the home with the best Christmas lights and take them a thank you note with a treat.
Visit someone elderly.
Make an ornament for grandma.
Deliver gifts to the neighbors.
Take some groceries to the food bank.
Go caroling.
Anonymously give flowers to someone.
Say hello and smile at everyone you meet today.
Take in someone’s garbage cans.
Leave change in a vending machine for the next person who comes along.
Call an aunt and tell her you love her.
Take Doggy treats to someone who has a dog.
Make a gift and card for your teacher.
Draw a picture of the Nativity and explain it to your little brother.
Do something kind for the garbage man.
Give five compliments to strangers.
Put money in the Salvation army cup.
Buy and deliver Christmas gifts for a family in need.
Invite a widow over to dinner.
Leave kind notes for Daddy all over the house.
Open the door for someone.
Clear the table after dinner.
Give your gift to Jesus. (There will be an explanation for this one in a different post.)

I tried to schedule them when I put them in the buckets.  For example, I had to put the one that says bring in someone's garbage cans on the day we have garbage pick up.  You can also adjust the ideas to fit your family.

Now, let me explain the crafting part.  I bought the the buckets HERE.  They were sold by the dozen, so I bought 24 total and decided to hang something in the middle for the final day.  If you don't mind the buckets being white I heard they have them in 3-packs in the wedding section of the dollar store.  I cut vinyl numbers for each bucket, but you can easily find numbers in the scrapbook section. 

I bought a giant spool of wired ribbon.  I like the wired stuff because it's easy to make bows with.  I started making the advent by tying knots around each bucket handle, but it was really hard to pull all that ribbon through each time and make sure the numbers were all facing the same way.  I recommend sewing the ribbon as I'll show you here.

I cut 25 strips about 10 inches long.  I looped them through the bucket handle and sewed them onto the long ribbon (being sure to make them all the same distance apart) like in the picture below.  To make life easier, you could also wait until they are all sewn before sticking on the numbers.  That way you don't have to keep making sure they are all facing the same way as you sew.

Lastly, since my ribbon wasn't double sided and because I wanted to hide the sewn loops, I set another ribbon on top and sewed down the middle the entire length of the ribbon.  (I wanted to make it look nice on both sides since I planned to hang it in the doorway.)  I put a bow in the middle and strung up a berry-covered ball in the middle, but you could really put anything in the middle.

It takes a really wide doorway to hang it up in, but you could also string it across a wall.

I am so excited to make this a tradition for our little family and I can't wait to start doing these deeds with Rex.  We'll tell you how it goes :)

Thank you for reading my blog!  See you tomorrow.


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