December 03, 2010

The Fifth Day of CHRISTMAS - Nativity Blocks

Today I wanted to share with you these nativity blocks that my talented sister-in-law made for our family.  My boys love them. 

They are fun because the boys can play with them all they want, rather than having a fragile nativity that they aren't allowed to touch.

These ones are homemade blocks with stickers on then.  Then the are covered in a coat of modge podge.

However, you could use any images you can find of the nativity, print them off, and modge podge them.  They don't have to be stickers.  (You can't actually get the stickers she used anymore.  Yeah, that's a bummer.)  You can find a cute digital file of nativity characters for purchase HERE.  I'm sure if you spend a few minutes on the internet, you got find a lot of options.

The blocks were made from about 3 feet of a 2x4.  Can you see how they were cut?  You just have to find someone with a good saw.  If that's not an option you can buy unfinished blocks at the craft store.  (Once again, if you do a search I'm sure you can find a lot of options.)

My sister-in-law gave them to us in a fun Christmas tin - cute and practical for keeping them in.  Yeah, she's a clever one.

My boys actually play with them all year round.  It's a fun way to teach them a little more about the reason for the season.  My favorite is when Rex tries to explain them to Baden.  It's really sweet to watch him talk about baby Jesus.

While it's a toy for younger children, it's also a toy you could let your older children make for someone else.  Thanks, Kate, for letting me share your great idea!

ADDENDUM: If you really like the images I have on my blocks you can find them HERE.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your excitement about CHRISTmas here on the blog.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this week.  I think I might squeeze in one more idea tomorrow, even though it's Saturday.  See you then!


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