December 13, 2010

How to Stretch Your Jewelry

So I know I said I'd be posting mostly gifts I'd be making leading up to Christmas, but I accidentally lied.  I don't want to steal the surprise for the gift recipients, so I won't be posting too much gift stuff.  Sorry.  However, today I wanted to share a simple idea that will help you stretch the jewelry you have. 

What does that mean?  Well, I'm going to show you how to make more out of what you have.  Here's the simple equation we'll be working with today.

You see, I really like jewelry, but I don't always remember to use it - particularly bracelets.  Do you have any bracelets that haven't seen the outside of a drawer for a while?  Well, they make great necklaces and don't worry, you can still use them both ways.  We're not doing anything permanent to the jewelry.

You see, a lot of the necklaces I find myself admiring look just like a bracelet strung up.  Here are three current examples from Anthropologie.

So here's the surgery.  For two of my bracelets I cut thin strips of a t-shirt.  (I had to sew two strips together for each side so they were long enough.)  The knit strips naturally roll up as you give them a tug lengthwise.  (You might have to play with your shirt to see which direction you should cut the fabric to make it naturally roll up.)

Just string the fabric through the hole or latch.  Presto.  A new necklace. 

For this one I used embroidery floss, since the bracelet already had floss wrapped around it.  I love the current jewelry trend of mixing dressy and casual elements.

Lastly, I used t-shirt scraps for this one as well.  You could use ribbon or just about anything.

Now feel like I have three new necklaces, but I didn't spend a dime.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great day!


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