December 29, 2010

Lights at Temple Square

It's been nice to get some things done this week.  We've green-machined the couches and stairs, pulled out clothes from the boys' closets that don't fit and rearranged the clothing bins, taken down the Christmas decorations, and we've squeezed in a few fun things.

One of our family traditions is to see the lights at temple square.  They are incredible.

The boys liked it, too.  (That's Rex doing the Ironman pose.  He has officially requested that I stop calling him Rex and start calling him only Ironman.  Maybe next he'll just go by a symbol like Prince.) 

I love snuggling this little guy.

I hope you're all having a great end of the year....getting things finished and squeezing in some fun stuff, too.


  1. You are so cute and pretty, Cheri! We love going to the lights every year as well! They are so beautiful!

  2. Love the lights on Temple Square! Is this NOT a family tradition for anyone in Utah?!

  3. And I forgot to ask, where did you get your adorable hat?!

  4. I love temple square! I live on the east coast and have only been there in the summer. I would love to see the lights some time! You guys all look so cute!

  5. we made it there twice this year which was really fun for us. We have never lived this close and our kids had never been!

    Happy New Year!

  6. I don't ever wish I live in Utah except for when I think of the Christmas lights at temple square. Love them!

  7. Those lights are beautiful! It looks so lovely and winter wonderlandy at your place right now. We are just starting to get our Summer heat through here after lots of rainy overcast days.

    Our four year old is Iron Man too! I think he has managed to channel most of the super heroes by now.

    My family were at the beach this morning enjoying the 85F summer weather here. We managed to dodge a blue-ringed octopus too that was lurking in the sand! That was our excitement for the day :)

  8. Woo Hoo for cleaning out the house before New Years! Quick trip to Goodwill for last minute tax deductions!

  9. Anonymous29.12.10

    I love it!! He's the cutest ever :)

  10. My son had a phase where he was Lightning McQueen and all of us had our "Cars" names. Such fun!


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