8 Best Nightlight for Feeding Baby 2024 – A Guide for Busy Moms

Feeding babies at night can be very difficult. Because of the extreme dark, accidents can happen. Especially if you don’t want to use the lighting in your home.

With a nightlight though, you get a low light that can illuminate the way. But not bright enough to raise eyebrows.

You can easily get into your kitchen and get everything you need. And into your baby’s nursery easily.

That can make difficult late-night feeding a thing of the past.

A baby nightlight is an essential part of a baby’s nursery. It gives your baby a sense of security, so to say…

Babies get frightened in the darkness. And this might affect their ability to sleep. Or be scared when they wake into total darkness, followed by total silence.

To help your baby overcome all this, a nightlight is what you might need.

This device will provide a low light in the nursery. It’s still dark, but there is no more stark darkness.

This can create a good sleeping pattern that can breed a healthy mood and feeling in a baby.

You can easily feed your baby without using your home lighting and burn through energy.

The benefits of a nightlight are numerous. A good one can also help you monitor your baby even better if you’re using a baby monitor without LED lights.

Using a nightlight as support brings out the picture in the camera crisply and clearly.

As you can see, the best nightlight for feeding a baby at night isn’t just for that. It can also create a good sleeping culture and help you monitor your baby better.

How do I choose the best one?

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Choosing one isn’t difficult at all. Night lights come in different colors, styles, designs, and even pricing, making it easy to choose something that fits your preferences.

There are even some devices that come with multiple functions for additional performance.

To help you choose the right one, here are the best options we found:

Reviews of the Best Nightlight for Feeding Baby in 2019

1. VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights for Kids — Best Nightlight for Feeding Baby

VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights for Kids

Looking for the best nightlight for feeding the baby at night?

Have a look at the VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights for Kids.

This nursery light for your kid comes with up to 80 hours of runtime when used in the weak mode.

And you can enjoy up to 5 hours of lighting when used in the strong mode.

All of them come with adjustable brightness to help you keep up with late-night feeding.

Here are the overviews on the features:

Expression stickers

This nightlight comes with expression stickers your little one can play with. These facial expressions will bloom at night too. Thus, can easily become your child’s favorite playmate.

This can help you free some me-time before going to bed every day.

As you can see, this isn’t just another boring nightlight sitting beside your baby’s bed. It’s a companion in the making.

Nice LED lights

The LED lights are eye-friendly. They all come with consistent and stable light so that the illumination doesn’t hurt your child’s eyes. And to make it even cooler, you can change the color to warm or cool white.

Intuitive buttons

The knobs on the unit are paralleled with the body.

This makes them simple and easy to use. A light (change) touch on the brand logo, for example, will adjust the light color. And you can power off by just tapping on the top of the nightlight.

Up to 80 hours runtime

Another delight of the unit is that it can stay up to 80 hours, running and providing great illumination.

It’s important to note that this is obtainable when used in the low brightness setting. So that it isn’t going to be just useful for your baby but also for yourself.

First, your baby gets an all-night light that keeps the nursery from total darkness thus making your baby feel safe.

Second, you can use it to breastfeed or prepare your baby’s food in the middle of the night. All without bothering with the house lighting. Not only is this energy-efficient, but also saves you some extra effort.

And this can make life easier especially for new mothers who are just navigating the world of feeding small children.

Rechargeable batteries

The unit comes with an enclosed rechargeable lithium battery that can easily be recharged when it goes low.

There are different ways of charging it too. You can turn it on while charging it but putting it off while it’s charging is better. This is because it can help preserve the light of the battery.

However, if you’ve to use it all night and plugged in, there is no problem with that.

Also, the charging cable can easily be replaced in the event that you misplace the original one.

A standard micro USB can be used for charging it. The advantage is that the battery is rechargeable so there is no need for buying any extra battery.

Moreover, if you don’t want another item with a cord in the nursery, then that’s great for you. Saving you some extra costs.

Many users have raved about the battery lasting a long time. So you may not even have to charge it so frequently.

Safe for babies

Babies are tender beings. And they need to be protected. Fortunately, this unit doesn’t get hot, so it’s safe for them.

Your baby can play with it. Even lift it without fearing for any burning sensation.

Moreover, it’s very portable. So, taking it from your bedroom to the nursery for late-night feeding is going to be pretty easy. And it’ll go into any of your luggage too, making it a great companion for travel.

Waterproof capabilities

The nightlight is IP65 waterproofed.

This means you can use it both indoors and outdoors and in any weather.

So, if you like to go camping or adventurous trips with your baby, this can your companion all through the night. Even in the winter months.


The downside is that the touch button on the logo is very sensitive.

Therefore, you have to be very careful when transporting not to press on it. That will change the brightness, and possibly drain the battery faster.

2. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light isn’t just another nightlight.

It’s also a multi-tasker. Ready to give your baby an early-to-rise training if you know your way.

If you’re looking for a stylish nightlight that’s not only useful for late-night feeding but can also fit any color scheme in your home, this is it.

Let’s look at a few of the features in detail:

Multi-functional machine

Unlike the others, this one does more than just being a nightlight. It’s also a time to rise alert and sound machine.

What’s more, you can control everything right from your smartphone. Aside from feeding your baby at night with it, you can also set up a sleep schedule for your entire family.

Easy to use

Just like the VAVA brand night light, the Hatch baby sound machine is also very easy to use. It comes with intuitive control buttons that can be operated manually.

Even better is that you can adjust the settings through your phone, which gives you more autonomy and is more efficient than other night lights that offer only manual adjustments.

There is a downloadable app that you can use on both Android and iOS that is user-friendly.

You can do everything from your phone too. And since there isn’t anything to learn about the app, you can start using it right away.

Grows with your baby

This is designed to follow your baby through different growth stages. A nightlight for a midnight feeding session. And when your baby grows older, you can use the time-to-rise setting for a preschooler.

Moreover, you get a suitable sleeping environment for your baby. Once your baby gets used to it, he/she can adapt and sleep easier and feeling safer than when in total darkness.

Wakes your child for you

The “ok to wake” function on this machine is one of the most lovely features. This can help you train your child to wake up at your ideal wake-up time for them.

As you can see, it’s not just about using it for feeding your baby at night. It’s also great for letting your baby wake at the right time, just in time for their next meal or other important activity.

Any downside?

One thing about the downloadable app is that only one phone can use it at a time. And it’s connected through Bluetooth. If that’s no problem for you, then this is a great model to try out.

3. RTSU Bedside Lamp Kids Children Adult LED Nightlight

Another great nightlight with a host of features to delight not just your baby but also yourself.

Enjoy features ranging from step-less dimming (for adjusting and customizing the brightness of the light), wireless capability for more safety, and rechargeable battery no extra costs on battery purchase.

Here are some more features:

Rechargeable batteries

Just like it’s mentioned above, the RTSU LED nightlight has a built-in rechargeable battery.

And you can charge it using the accompanying micro-USB cable. So, you don’t need to purchase extra batteries, which means extra costs.

Moreover, this is suitable for parents who want their baby’s nursery to be as free of clutter and clean as possible. And it makes it safe for your little one to touch without any risk of hazard.

Stylish design

The design of the night light is well thought out, which makes it a great companion for your child as well as an aesthetic enhancer where it’s installed.

The unit comes in a flat cylinder shape, which ensures it’s stable on the counter. So, no risk of falling or rolling over.

This also means you can put it almost anywhere around the house. Thus, making your life a lot simpler.

Simple to operate

Just like the other models on this list, there is nothing complicated in this model. Whether you’re a first-time mother or an experienced mom, you’ll find it easy to use.

However, this doesn’t have any app to fumble with, which might not be great for everyone. So, if you’re looking for one with a downloadable app, you should check the Hatch brand nightlight.

Helps with feeding baby at night

The light can be dimmed with a few clicks so you can get just the right brightness for the night feeding and diaper changes.

You can also adjust it to the brightest for finding anything you’ll need at night without hurting your eyes. And since it’s cordless, toting it around will be easy.

Final Words on the Best Nightlight for Feeding Baby

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As you can see from the preceding paragraphs, there’re a lot of different nightlights out there. And choosing one for your baby should be relatively easy.

With varieties of features and functions on these items, you probably will come with one that suits you/your baby’s preferences.

Baby night lights aren’t just good for feeding your baby at night. They’re also very useful for ingraining good sleeping culture in your baby.

Fortunately, they’re available at different price points. But, the best nightlight for feeding baby doesn’t have to be expensive. If I’m asked to chose, I’ll probably go for the simplest ones out of all the models presented here.

First, they have a short learning curve. Second, they’re easy to operate. And they’re less likely to be expensive compared to the multi-functional models.

However, that’s not to say you can go for something else. One that you think is more suitable. If you think you need more than just a nightlight for your baby’s room, then choosing a multi-functional one is probably wise.

Moreover, multi-functional models can keep the nursery room tidy and with less cutter since you have everything in one place.

Finally, our recommended late-night feeding night light is the VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights for Kids.

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