January 15, 2011

Soapbox Saturday - Peachy Chic

Today we are welcoming a new sponsor.  Peachy Chic is a fun shop with DIY jewelry kits AND ready to wear jewelry. 

 Let's browse a bit here.....

I thought this owl necklace was SO cute.  Owls are so trendy right now and this one is a locket, too.

This Vintage Heart Dangle DIY kit is only $6.99!

I thought this Black and White Color Polka Vintage Rosette DIY Kit was really pretty, too.

Feel free to head on over to Peachy Chic to browse a bit more.  The prices are great and there are a lot of really beautiful products.

Thanks for dropping in!  See you tomorrow.  Oh, and on Monday there is going to be a giveaway I've been waiting for....and you probably have been too!


Amy said...

Love reading your blog! Thanks! I just ordered one of those cute owl lockets...been looking for a locket for a while now and just can't pass that one up.

Tomena said...

Black and White Color Polka Vintage Rosette DIY Kit



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