January 27, 2011

Valentine's from Rex

I wanted to share the Valentine's I'm making for Rex to hand out so you'll have time to use the idea if you'd like.  It wasn't too hard, but it's fun and personalized - which I love.  Here they are!  They make me giggle everytime I see them.

Here a close up of the label.

Want to make some?  Here are some easy steps and sneaky tips.

1) I took about 20 photos of Rex with a blank wall behind him.  That gave me 3 good ones to use.

2) I went to Picnik, clicked on collage, and uploaded the 3 pictures of Rex.  I picked the collage that has 4 squares in a line and I made the spacing tight between the pictures.  I made the backround black and adjusted the proportions until I was happy.  Then I clicked "next."

3) I edited the photos a little and switched them to black and white.  I went to "stickers" then "geometric" and used the rectangle to create the white area where I placed the text.  I added the text and saved the file.

4) I printed this one out on my own printer, but it's not the best.  I'll probably print them at Kinko's when I finish the rest.  I imported the picture into Word to make it the right size.  I wanted it to be the same width as the snack bag I was using.

5) I printed it off and cut it out, but I cut it out leaving extra paper accross the top to fold along the back.  It just folds over the baggie and gets stapled on.  Don't buy the fancy clear bags from the party section.  They are crazy expensive and a ziplock works just fine.  You can use the small snack ones or just fold over the top of a sandwich sized one.

There you have it!  Not too hard, but pretty fun.  Now he's ready to hand them out and he's been asking how many days until Valentine's day over and over.  Whoops.  I guess I shouldn't have let him see them so soon.

Thanks for dropping by.  Tomorrow will be a "You Roared" segment, so if you've made something inspired by this blog and haven't shown it to me just send me a picture or a link.  See you tomorrow!


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