February 14, 2011

Guest Post - President's Day Pillow

We've got a guest in the house today.  Beckie from Infarrantly Creative has a really creative tutorial for you today.  Check out how she made her buttons.  Cool.  Welcome Beckie!

Hi I am Beckie and I blog over at Infarrantly Creative and Knock Off Decor. I love thinking outside the box when it comes to crafts and home decor.  My Infarrantly Creative site is known for my Roadkill Rescues, where I turn curbside castaways into beautiful and usable decor.  Knock Off Decor is a site dedicated to showcasing all of the awesome knock off projects.

In honor of President’s Day (in one week) I thought I would show my love of our country by making a patriotic pillow of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with penny button details.



3 Pennies dated before 1982

Doming Block Set

Heavy Hammer

Metal Polish (I use Haas)

Soft Cloth for polishing

Material for pillow (I used canvas dropcloths)

Cording for pillow (optional)

Heat Transfer Material

Silhouette machine (optional)


Sewing Machine

Electric Drill

Small Drill Bit

1.  I purchased my doming block from Harbor Freight.  I think it was around $25 on sale.

2.  Place the penny (heads up) into the doming block and take one of the dappers (I used #18) and hold it tight to the middle of the penny and pound away with a heavy hammer.

And it will slightly dome your penny like so…

3. Next polish up your penny with the metal polish and a soft cloth.  Drill two small holes into the sides of Abraham’s head for the button holes using an electric drill and a small bit made for metal.


4. Next up I used my digital Silhouette machine to design and cut out Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s silhouettes.  However all you need is heat transfer material and a printed silhouette of the two of them.  Trace and cut that out of heat transfer and you are golden. (Make sure you mirror the images).

5.  Then I ironed my transfers onto my pillow front.  And peeled back the plastic protective sheet.

6.  Prior to that I pressed each side under 1.5” and then made three buttonholes with my sewing machine.

7.  Then I added cording and sewed my pillow all up.

8.  I hand stitched my penny buttons in place and added a 12” x 16” pillow form.


And there you have it…a President’s Day Pillow.
Thanks Cheri for letting me come crash your blog for the day.  

Thanks so much Beckie!


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