February 21, 2011

How I Made the Video

I was going to take the day off, in celebration of 1 year, but a few of you asked about the video and how it was made.  I thought I'd throw out a few tips if you want to make one yourself.  If you're wondering what I'm talking about, it was the video from yesterday's post

Alright, it wasn't as hard as it looks and you don't even need a video camera.  It's just a ton of pictures.  So, get some motion going on and snap as fast as you can.  If you have a DSLR camera chances are you'll be able to snap them really quickly, especially if you put it on the sports setting.  (If you have a point and shoot camera you can still do it, but it will be a little less smooth because there will be more spacing between the pictures.)  Snap away. 

Then when I loaded them onto my computer they were still in the same order, which saved me a ton of time.  My computer came with "Windows Movie Maker" which is what I used.  This is what it looks like and it's not too hard to figure out.  You import the pictures.  (I recommend having them in a folder to keep them separate and reduce confusion.) 

Rather than importing them into the program one by one, you can click on the first in a sequence, hold shift and click on the last picture in the sequence.  That way you grab them all.  You can do the same to grab them and drag them into the timeline at the bottom of the page.  That's where you put everything you're putting in the video.  That's like your canvas.  On this particular program I set the photo duration at .25 of a second and I did that before I started dragging the pictures into the timeline.  (Go to Tools, Options, then the Advanced tab and change the duration.)

I imported the photos in groups and them deleted them from the workspace (where you see all the thumbnails) after dragging them into the timeline.  It made it less confusing.  Once I had all the pictures in I added the music, which is imported the same way the pictures are.  You upload the music and drag the file to the timeline beneath the pictures where is says audio/video.

Those are the basics to making the video.  You might have a different program, but the concepts are the same.  If you don't have a movie making program on your computer I would guess there's something free you could use online.  Anybody know of something like that?  (If you do please tell us in the comment section.)

It's pretty fun and there are a billion cool things you could do with it.  Let your mind run wild.  That's it for today.  See you tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.


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