February 02, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

Last week's challenge was to visit someone elderly.  Rex, Baden, and I visited our sweet neighbors across the street.  They are amazing people.  They live in a large two story home, they are in their nineties, and they just celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary. 

They have those stair chair lifts on every staircase and they let my boys ride them for fun.  They have an area upstairs that overlooks their family room and up there they have baskets full of paper airplanes.  They let the boys take turns flying them.  (They even fly the airlplanes themselves when no kids are around.)  Yes, they are extraordinary people.

 It makes me happy to see them.  The boys really enjoy visiting them as well.  They are so kind and thoughtful.  I'd like to be them when I grow up.  They sent the boys home with these glow sticks.

So let's talk about next week's challenge.  Do something kind for a public service worker.  Maybe you want to make cookies for the garbage worker.  Maybe you and your kids want to write a note to the firefighters.  Maybe you want to bring in some hot chocolate for the police officers.  It's a pretty open challenge and I can't wait to see what you decide to do.  I'm still figuring out what I'm going to do.  I'm excited.

Now, did any of you visit someone elderly this week?  Please tell us how it went.  These are my very favorite comments to read all week!  Thanks for sharing! 

And before you go I wanted to tell you about a great auction going on for the Chase Family.  I made some things that are for sale, as did a ton of other people.  It's a wonderful cause and there are some beautiful items you can buy.  Check it out by clicking the picture below. 

Team Chase: 4 and Counting


Unknown said...

All the snow that there's been everywhere lately, I think I will make some rice handwarmers for the mailman! Last year I kept trying to catch him to offer him hot chocolate, I even had some made and ready to go in a styrofoam cup one day, but I kept missing him and eventually just gave up. Gift left in mailbox for him - no waiting!

Team Tindle said...

We called one of the nursing homes in our town and set up a date for our homeschool group kids to go play games with the residents. We had our first date last week and it was so much fun. My son got to play with Ms. Helen. She didn't know how to play go fish or war but once Carter taught her, she whooped up on him. She even beat him at UNO. Carter was so happy though, he knew if he won it was because he earned it.

slow panic said...

I LOVE that they let the kids ride the stair chair things. So cool.

Love what you are going here. Going to try and participate.

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Our mailman is so sweet and friendly. Maybe I'll make him a box of cookies and some handwarmers, like suggested by another follower!

Amanda Joy Petersen said...

I didn't do it this week, but the week before. All of the women on my mom's side of the family took my great grandma out to dinner for her 87th birthday. She was so funny while she was teasing the waiter in her cute southern accent. When the waitors all came to sing her Happy Birthday she started waving her hands in the air like, "yea this is all totally for me!" It was a hilarious blast to spend the evening with her:)

Ladybird Ln said...

I love this series so much, thanks for all of the inspiration... We visited the widow across the street, and she was so happy to see us!

Pearl Girl said...

Hey Cheri, Can I just say you are my favorite blog EVER, I love everything you do and think you are so thoughtful. I need some advice, Last week I reopened my Etsy shop to help my Bro and sis in law with their adoption, I just don't know how to get the word out. are there some blogs or websites you would recommend that might mention it.
50% goes to them 50% is for me to purchase a plane ticket to stay with their kids while they go to Ethiopia. anyway I just thought you might have some good advice.
here it is.
Thanks Becky

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

I had a friend that left her mom some cookies in her mailbox one day. Her mom didn't know about it. The next day her mom got a thank you note from the postman!

Gill Family said...

Love the postman idea! Its been -17 below here all week without the windchill, we will get some cookies out for the post man :) And maybe some hand warmers to!

DJ Rose said...

I'm married to a Firefighter. So this week's challenge is DONE. :)
But I will try to do something for someone other than my DH.

Canadian Family Compact said...

What a great idea, until last Mother's Day when we lost my grandma I went to visit her once a week. I could do it when I entered my daughter in preschool the past January and could have a few hours to have a tea and chat with her. Best 5 months of reconnecting after a busy teen and mid twenties years. Just spending time with them is all they want. My primary goal for saving for my kids university is so they will have time to visit their grandparents later on. Sometimes the busyness of working, activities and school get in the way of what is really important..

I will try to do something as well for the public service workers

ps: as a mom of girls and a girl myself, I am a little bit touchy over the use of fireman, policeman, garbage man and mailman... it's firefighter, police officer, sanitation worker, and letter carrier. Let's pass it on to our kids! Our girls can be anything! Changing our vocabulary is the first step:)

**Ashley P** said...

That sounds great! As I was reading, I couldn't help but thinking of the movie UP.
My son and I visited the Luthern Home in town. We visited with many of the residents. My son was a huge hit waving,dancing,and blowing kisses.

mstalcup said...

I have not participated yet, but don't count me out! I LOVE what you are doing here. LOVE IT! I've been dealing with sick kiddos for the last couple of weeks. So, I'm going to try hard to participate this week.

Can't wait to share next week! :)

This is such an awesome thing you are doing, it really touches my heart.

d.n.williamson said...

We had a crazy blizzard here in Wisco, so with my kiddos home from school, we decorated Heart cut-out cookies and left some in the mailbox for our mailman. He was probably one of the few people that actually had to work yesterday.

Unknown said...

Funny story, I'm a 911 dispatcher and had to work Christmas morning this year. One of my first calls I took that day was from a man who said it was a family tradition to take breakfast to someone who had to work that day. Aww, sweet right? He then went on to ask for the address of another agency so he could take them breakfast!! We got a good laugh out of it so it was ok. Just a reminder that dispatchers are public servants who have to work crazy hours too. :O)

Yorien said...

You have the cutest blog ever!

(though I'm not even a mother (still 18, actually), it's so postive and lovely!)


Trina said...

Hi. I am a new reader and I love your Wednesday challenges. I am new in my neighborhood and today I introduced myself to my mailman and asked him if I left him something would he accept it from me. He gladly said yes! I also thanked him for delivering the mail so faithfully last week during all the ice we had here. Thanks for the challenge.


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