March 10, 2011

T-Shirt to Zipped Pullover

Okay, today I'm going to finish up the post from Tuesday and show you how to made the pullover.  It was a bit easier than the jacket, so if the jacket seems a bit intimidating then this one would be a good one for you to try first.

Alright, let's hit it.  I used an old t-shirt, another exposed zipper, and some scraps.  I cut the ribbing off a really old sweatshirt so I didn't have to buy any. 

You'll add the ribbing to the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves just as I did with the jacket.  Cut out the collar and add it at the neckline as well.  Once again, you want to make it a bit smaller than the circle that's cut out for the head so that it will hug the neck.  (It doesn't look smaller in the picture, but the hole is a lot longer because of the way it scoops.)

You'll sew on the neckline and then the zipper.  This zipper is even easier because it doesn't have to be an exact length like the jacket did.  Sew on the zipper the same way I explained with the jacket, using four lines.  Open it, cut the fabric down the middle and trim it back so it doesn't get stuck in the zipper.

Next you'll cut two pieces for the pocket.  To get the right shape you can cut a rectangle and then use a CD or something round to cut out the top corners.

Sew the pieces together, leaving an opening to invert it.  Trim your corners.  Invert and press.

It can be hard to find cute knits.  When I don't have any I just use fabric paint and stamps on my fabric, just like I did with the Upcycled Tee Dress.  I use a paint brush to dab the paint evenly onto my foam stamp.  (This stamp was in a pack of 6 from Hobby Lobby and I think it was $1-2 for the pack.)  Each time I stamped it I repainted the stamp.  (You'll want to heat set the paint when it's completely dry.  You just iron over it for a few seconds.)

This is the paint I used.  I love any of the Tulip products.  They rock.

If you like pins, you can pin the pocket in place and sew it on.  (I rarely use pins because they drive me crazy.)  Before you sew it on you can sew the curved area that will remain open.  That way you'll see your stitches around the entire pocket when it's sewn on.

And you're done.  Wa-hoo!

I think mixing and matching the options could be fun.  I'd like to see one like the jacket, but with this pocket instead of the stripes.  If you make one, feel free to upload it to the flickr group or you can even e-mail it to me.  I love to see your work!

Thank you for stopping by!


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