March 09, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday

It's time for Wake Up Wednesday.  For any of you who are new to this blog, Wake Up Wednesday is a challenge to think outside yourself - to wake up and realize what's going on around you.  It began as a personal challenge for me to reach out to others, but you're all invited to participate in the weekly challenges and share how it went the next week.

Last week's challenge was to call someone you haven't spoken to in a while.  I actually got to do this a couple of times this week, but my original plan was to call my grandma.  I don't live near her and she's not computer savvy, so she doesn't really know what's going on with us.  I'm not a phone person and I try to wait to make calls until my boys are napping so I can hear.  However, after calling my grandma I felt two things.  First of all, I felt really happy to hear her voice and brighten her day.  Secondly, I felt a little guilty that I don't call her more.  It's an easy thing to do and it made me a little sad that I've let it slip through the cracks.  I'm going to try and call more.  I can do that.

Alright, let's talk about this week's challenge.  The challenge is to do something for a family member that he or she doesn't like to do

Maybe your husband hates taking out the garbage.  Maybe your mom hates cleaning the oven.  If you don't live with your family you can pick someone you do live with or someone nearby.  Just give someone a break from his or her usual duty.  This one is pretty broad.  Think outside the box :)

Now, let's hear about your week.  Did you get to call someone you haven't talked to in a while?  Let's hear about it.  Thanks for reading!


  1. My wake up Wednesday was to actually wake up! My husband gets up with the kids most days so I can get a few extra minutes of sleep (I'm on night duty with the kids) and get dressed. This morning he's sleeping in and I'm up with the kids.

  2. It was the coolest thing! I was planning to call my grandma that day, and that evening, I missed a call, and it was her. :) I called her back, and we talked for so long. It was almost like she was lonesome to hear my voice too, and we talked about everything. What a great thing that was. :)

  3. I missed last week's challenge... but I am going to do it this week, along with this week's challenge.... I never call my grandma - years of history - she's in her 90's though, and its time to bury the hatchet! Thanks for the motivation!! And the wake-up!!

  4. this is a great idea, especially today

  5. My Hubby needs to read this post so HE can clean the house for me:-)

    Hmmm...Maybe I'll change ALL the diapers when the hubby gets off work instead of passing my son to him for my mommy break:-)


  6. did you know that the dates are posting backwards? like for today's date it says 9-3-11. just curious.

  7. Anonymous9.3.11

    I did the same as you ... called the G-ma. She was sick so im glad i could have brightened her day a little more. Like you i am not a phone person unless it someone i talk to all the time. So i took about ten min. to get my self to dial. But once i did it felt so great to talk to her she always makes me feel like i have great worth and that was a blessing i needed right then and there :D thanks for another great challenge!

  8. Anonymous9.3.11

    I called a friend of mine and it was perfect timing! First we were all chit-chatty and then I asked about her boyf and she was like, "oh.. we broke up..." as if it were no big deal, but they'd been dating like 3 years so I knew better. Thanks for the idea, it was nice to be there for her!

  9. ugggghhh... the thing that comes to mind is to do the bills and reciepts for my hubby... neither of us likes to do it but I dislike it more so he does it.
    Disliiiiiike. D: D: D: Can I take his vitamins for him instead??

  10. I skyped with my uncle in TX. We don't talk often and he was happy to see me and my daughter! It was great and I would love to skype more often!

    Hmm, my hubby is going to loooove this one! I'll have to choose from the many things he dislikes to do!

  11. My grandmother.

  12. I called my husband's grandma. I love talking to her but don't call her nearly enough. I too am not a huge fan a being in the phone (I have 6 kids). One day last week I had a very rare quiet moment came in my house and I felt a call to her would be the best use of this time. I'm so glad I did. She is so sweet. She is always so cheerful regardless of her health problems. I know that phone calls always brighten her day, but I don't know if she will ever know how much her cheery disposition made my week. I definetly need to make more of an effort to talk with her more often.


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